Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, April 9

I was familiar with Fernanda Maciel‘s name and races, but didn’t know much about her story. She isn’t your typical trail/ultramarathon runner…more here.

Pre-race anxiety doesn’t matter. It’s how you perform between the gun and the finish line.

Interesting interview with (my HS runner crush) Suzy Favor-Hamilton where she opens up about her past and her mental health diagnosis.

Some seriously technical terrain awaited runners at the DownUnder 135 this past weekend.


Wow! Did anyone else catch Betsy Saina at yesterday’s Paris Marathon? Ran strong in her first marathon finish (is it still a debut if you’ve DNF’ed?) and held off a hard charging Ruth Chepngetich by three seconds. She dug deeeeep.

The new Dure online magazine profiles Coconino Cowboy Cody Reed.

I posted an early release of the Mike Strzelecki interview to the Patreon crew right this way. Mike runs down the top eighteen tips he’s learned from 30+ years of ultramarathon and trail running. None of the tips are performance based.

Need a Monday Morning laugh? Check out this Twitter thread:

 GZ is not dead. Whew! Here’s a fun throwback interview from 2013 where George shared with us the finer points of trail running while tied to a donkey.

Very, very sticky issue: How should trans athletes be treated in competition? From a societal and humanitarian angle, I’m all for inclusivity. From a competitive/sports perspective, I believe it’s unfair to women.  I haven’t listened to this interview with trans runner Bobbi Nicole Cote from Ten Junk Miles.

Incredible: Gene Dykes just turned 70 years old and ran 2:57:43 at the Rotterdam Marathon.  This summer he ran among other races, the “Triple Crown” of 200 milers in the US.  A few years ago, he ran his then PB of 3:10 as part of an 8 marathons in 2 months. Two years ago he notably won Laz’s ARFTA, running 205 miles in 68 hours. h/t to the SteelTownRunner.

…also at that race….Andy Wacker (URP interview here) ran a 2:17, qualifying him for Olympic Trials. Nice job!

Laz walked across his final county in Tennessee. 

Liza’s report from her Mad City 100k win. Incredible. Here’s our interview with Liza from a few years ago where she ran a 15:07 100 miler at age 42…while stopping in outhouses to nurse/pump. 

And John’s funny report from Barkley. How in the world are these the same sport?

Magda Boulet is running in 2nd place at MDS right now.  Updates.

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