Ultramarathon Daily News |Monday, April 30

Justin/IRF lay down the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. Quick shots:

  • Courtney Dauwalter is on fire! Is there a female who will challenge her at Western?
  • Kris Brown won Canyons 50k by 80 minutes…and he went off course for a mile. Dayum. Next up: Western States Endurance Run.
  • DBo and Seth at Mt Fuji are huge wins. (FF to about 1:40 to see DBo pass Pau.)
  • Cat Bradley DNFed at mile six of Canyons 100k with a sore lower back. Not sure if this is a persistent injury that could affect her run at Western in two months or was just a single incident.

Homeless guy picks up bib off the ground and runs it in through the finish line to get a medal. Real owner of bib is a charity runner who’s denied a finish and his medal. Homeless guy is a runner and elated he got the medal. Ugh. All this for a medal?

canyons ultramarathon
When the RD is there to greet every runner at the finish line. (Canyons Endurance Run.)

If I were to run a 27:xx 10k, I probably wouldn’t be dancing on stage with Flo Rida and a giant kidney. I’d be laying face down in the grass somewhere. h/t Geoff Burns.

Buzz chats with Jenny and Scott Jurek about their new book. Sarah and I interviewed Jenny yesterday and I’ll be releasing it today. (If I do say so myself…it’s really good!)

Can the Placebo Effect enhance athletic performance? I thought we already proved that with rock tape and S-caps.

Beer: Is there anything it can’t do?

It doesn’t look like Oz Pearlman (URP interview here) is racing much any more, but he was kicking ass 5+ years ago in both road marathons and ultramarathons. Now he’s getting his own show on NBC that premiers in two weeks.

I don’t always agree with Ken Goe, but I do here. Lauren Fleshman’s comments about Hayward Field were out of line and ignored all the other great athletes who’ve run there.

Once again: There’s no point in testing for PEDs so long as the TUE process is so critically flawed.

With no marathon or ultramarathon credentials, Bruce Tulloh broke the transcontinental record in the 1960s. He went on to become one of the more influential and revered barefoot runners in British athletics and he passed away last week.

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