Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 14

Week in ultramarathon and trail events from Justin at IRF.

This dude has seriously figured out the secret to time management and laundry logistics.

I like this guy. At age 60 he went on hike and hasn’t really stopped. Minimalism at its finest.

Learn by watching the pros race/pace a marathon. The same goes for watching or working an aid station at an ultramarathon. Learn how the pros get in and out fast. See how they handle medical and bonking issue. Then apply those lessons to your next race.

Did you catch our latest interview with new mom Elisa Laverty? She just ran her first 50 miler (7 months after giving birth) and shares her story with us. Great attitude, relatable story, and an undeniable love of the trails. We also get to hear Gear Editor Ben’s favorite finds at Outdoor Retailer.


Be sure to click here to check out ultra-stickers.com. Over 350 designs that will suit any outdoor enthusiast’s passion. And hey Patreon crew, I’ll be sending out a treat to each of you this week with a great example of their work.

Skurka previews the new fixed-length carbon poles from Ultimate Direction.

When anyone tells you that talent doesn’t matter don’t believe them.  And, when anyone tells you the practice doesn’t matter don’t believe them.

–Great story about the power–and limitations–of the 10,000 rule by a guy who started as a sprinter and jumper and ended up as a marathoner.

I don’t know what I like watching more, the women’s steeple final, or this video of Coburn’s sister watching the women’s steeple final.  

And speaking of that, will someone with vid skillz please add Intro by The XX to the Coburn video, a la #beastmode by Chris Solinsky?

To hell with the Beer Mile. We need this place in Tokyo to set up a race where participants eat beetles, whale testicle sashimi, and the penis-shaped Axolotl. I have a feeling beer would still be involved…

The politics of passing on a mountain bike.  Reasonable and measured, I like it. Same goes for passing other runners on the trail.  (Here’s my review of the RunBell from a few years ago.)

And another plea to fellow trail runners: Please don’t carry speakers that play music for all to hear. It’s obnoxious. (Yeah, I’m talking to you dude on the trails around Lake Natoma on Sunday morning.)  And further, if you’re going to listen to music (like I do), only wear one headphone. It’s a great solution to listening to music, but also gives you the ability to be aware of your surroundings. This is a great product that directs both channels into one ear bud and has a short cord so you can attach it to your hat. I’ve been using mine for years and it’s still holding up well.

I’ve always wondered how “expedition teams” are put together. Here’s an explanation of what–and who–goes into it.

Lululemon running shoes? Interested in learning more. Maybe we can get Ben in a pair with a cute pair of yoga pants?


A quick trail run in the magnificent Grand Tetons.

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