Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 27

With the exception of a few races around the US, Justin/IRF reports on this weeks European trail ultramarathon circuit.

This crazy story from Jen Benna has always stuck with me. Yeah, it’s from six years ago, but I can’t imagine how scary that must have been. Anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

Ice baths are no longer cool. Heat training is hot right now.

“I was at mile 80, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve never run this far. How did I get here?’ ” Arnold said. “I mean, the miles just dissolved. And it was all mental. It was just chipping away at it, and then I got emotional. How did I get here? I mean, literally, how did I get here, after a broken leg and being on crutches?

–Sarah has been recommending we chat with Katie Arnold for awhile, and I see why. What a great story!

While Jean may be a bit nervous about this week in Chamonix, I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d switch places with him. 

It sounds like one guy (who yes, happened to be the founder of the race) made a ridiculous and stupid comment about not awarding the winning women’s race team at Hood to Coast. Race management/owners have breathlessly apologized and seem to have made genuine remarks of regret, along with a change of plans for next year.  Still, people are threatening to boycott a race that everyone else seems to agree is great in every other regard. Listen, I’ve been caught up in a similar situation and know that every story has multiple sides, explanations, and descriptions of what happened. I have no idea what his could be (and it better be good!), but I’ll risk not being woke enough to wait and hear more before trying to destroy a race with an otherwise excellent reputation.

Ian reports on Kilian’s latest win…a little race with over 8k meters of vert packed into just 52 technical and rocky kilometers. Yikes!

Described here as “summer camp for big kids”, TransRockies does sound like a lot of fun. Kyle Robidoux ran it with friends and will hopefully regale me with stories during our 50k in San Luis Obispo this weekend.

ultramarathon def

–Hopefully you caught our latest interview with Jeff Ball and heard his story of DNF’ing at Kodiak 100. The combination of the course terrain combined with puking for two hours would’ve fallen most of us. 

Another collegiate steeplechaser turns into a trail runner dominating ultramarathon events. Great write up on Leadville’s 2nd female, Addie Bracy.

I’d struggle with the pronunciations, but the Crib Goch (Lakes District in Wales) ridge route looks breathtaking!

“So if cocaine is God’s way of saying you’ve too much money then extreme sports are His way of saying you’ve way too much time on your hands.”

–More from overseas: I’d hate to have this guy watch an ultramarathon.

New interview dropping today: The incredible Pam Smith joins Sarah and I to talk racing, avocados, kids, and the bizarre state of our sport.

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