Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 28

New Mountain Outhouse with JamJam. A full fourteen minutes of all the craziness that makes the trail running and ultramarathon world.

Half of this silly sport is dealing with injuries and navigating recovery. Here, Norb recounts a recent injury, what caused it, and how he’ll change his training in the future.

Woman trapped in a slot canyon for 12 hours freed by the power of….dishsoap.

All the ultramarathon results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin/IRF.  Caroline Boller wins Tamalpa Headands (awesome!), and Cascade Crest delivers some great competition for both sexes. (Here’s our interview with Kaytlyn Gerbin.) And something about a race called UTMB?

ultramarathon scienceThis week in science: Standing all day is worse than sitting all day. Also, icing doesn’t work. Stay tuned for next week’s reversal.

“Fook it…Let me wobble back to me corner” is my new favorite sports quote by Conor Mcgregor.

What does it take to win Eastern States 100? Here’s Jason Kolb’s report from his well executed race.

Skurka digs into the UTMB training cycle set up by his coach David Roche.

Want to watch a guy run a sub 5 mile while pushing a baby around a track?

Group runs–including training runs by law enforcement–banned in Sierra Leone.

“My best advice to anyone wanting to get started,” Barnett said the other day, “is to not listen to advice. Don’t be dogmatic about it, don’t wait to be told what somebody else says you should do…Just go do it. Don’t go buy a bunch of expensive stuff, don’t follow someone else’s plan. If you want to release some stress, get active, just go do it, figure it out for yourself, it will work.”

Billy Barnett’s ultramarathon and trail running advice. Coincidentally, the advice holds very true for parenting. Everyone’s got an opinion and some thing you’re supposed to buy to make it better/easier. Just use your head and do it.

Fitbit releases a GPS watch/MP3 gizmo that looks pretty awesome. Only hangup is the six hour battery life.

Weight training is good for distance runners, but it has to be done perfectly or it’s bad. Right?

Fifth death on a Colorado 14er in 6 weeks. Stay safe out there folks.

List: The nine most extreme adventures in the world, according to National Geographic.

No ultramarathon news: My vote for Album of the Year came out on Friday. Tell me that track six wouldn’t pull you out of a bonk. Find it here.

Forecast for Sacramento today: 108 degrees. Maybe that’s why Kate Grace left?

Houston listeners and readers: Stay safe and be well.

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