Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, August 6

Three women rounded out the top ten at Angeles Crest 100 this weekend.  Nice!

Speaking of amazing women, Runner’s World interviewed ultrarunning phenom Courtney Dauwalter.  There’s some beauty in the simplicity of her training philosophy, and it sure seems to work for her.  (And here’s URP’s interview with her from last year after she battled through temporary blindness for the last twelve miles of Run Rabbit Run).

“I may blow up, but those were the best 27 miles of my life.”  Sarah Lavender Smith’s riveting account of the literal ups and downs of her Ouray DNF is a worthy read.

Is emotional intelligence the secret ingredient for boosting endurance?  The science is based on a small sample size and self-reporting, but it’s still an interesting idea.

Canadians are experimenting with a computerized pill that may provide a better understanding of core body temperature and its affect on training in anticipation of the 2020 Olympics.

Here’s a nice article about Pete Kostelnick’s transcontinental run that kicked off in Anchor Point, Alaska on July 31.  Is anyone planning on meeting up and putting in some miles with him along the way?

Do you know the symptoms of altitude illness?  Would you know what to do if it hits you or a friend during a run?  IRunFar’s first aid lesson on altitude illness is a good place to start.

Good information on what to know before heading out on the trails near wildfire zones.

So has anyone actually figured out how this new Strava Summit thing works?  It replaced Strava Premium by dividing Premium’s offerings into three separate packages:  Training, Safety, and Analysis.  Premium users will get all three, but downgrading from Premium to a single package doesn’t seem to be an option yet.

The man caught on video taunting bison at Yellowstone Park has been arrested.

Did you see Ben’s Topo Highlights from the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market Show?  Right this way.


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