Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Dec 17

Justin’s rundown of the ultramarathon and trail racing results from this weekend.  Good to see Foote back at it!

Of all the gift guides out there right now, Travis has the best idea…and it’s free.

Gene Dykes just ran a 2:54 marathon at age 70. Incredible! Looks like he’ll be on Candice’s podcast soon.

Not to be outdone by Andrew Snope’s mega heel blister, Timm sent this to me from his run at Tunnel Hill. He ran with it for 35 miles and is now a toe sock devotee.

It’s hard to argue with karma sometimes.

JamJam’s latest Mountain Outhouse News. Of course someone calls him out in the comments for not mentioning every single result. Ugh.

The LetsRun MENSA team analyses Jim Walmsley’s recent monster week of training. Guess what? They don’t approve.

The hierarchy of bad decisions on the trails includes banditing races, littering, and playing loud music. What else am I missing?

Koop: These are the outdoor drills you need to improve your running mechanics.

Holy cow. Just got this years UROY ballot and it’s nuts. So many incredible performances.

Short news day today folks. I’m interviewing the Prince of Pacing Bob Hearn this morning. Very, very excited about this one, and even if you don’t know his name offhand (you should), I promise you’ll learn something.  It may be about yurt design, artificial intelligence, Burning Man, or the harpsichord, but I promise, you’ll learn something.

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