Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Dec 18

Pretty light week for trail and ultramarathon results. What’d you run?

Medical folks, help me out with this one. This article states that this ultramarathon runner developed anemia because his constant foot strikes lead to the destruction of RBCs. As a layperson, this makes basic sense to me, but I’m assuming there’s another angle, right?

Read this: Caroline Boller’s very real life DNF report. Boy, can I relate to this!

Anton has never been an easy person to interview if you’re looking for simple answers to complex questions. Here’s a recent chat with Bobby Geronimo.

Sex, contaminated beef, his mother’s diuretic pills…all excuses cyclists have used when they get popped for doping.

Rich Hunter’s toe after accumulating 2k miles in 2017. (Rich is blind and kicks A LOT of rocks and curbs.) More pics in the gallery below.

–I’ve added a few new entries to the URP Black Toenail Hall of Fame. Nice work, everyone!

2:11 has been broken twice in the US this year, both times Galen Rupp. Kawauchi has done it five times. That’s (correction: over 75) lifetime races at that distance and there’s no indication he’s slowing down. Citius Mag wrote about his crazy weekend too. Despite these two posts, he’s getting very little attention in mainstream pubs and it boggles my mind.

Monday Funny: Gluten free runner sues RD for causing him to run through wheat field.

I thought this was obvious: Why the outdoors were/are better without Instagram.

A primer on snowshoe running and racing. I wrote this a few years ago about my foray into the sport, and Gear Guy Ben is testing out a few pairs of running snow shoes for an upcoming review.


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