Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday December 4

All the trail and ultramarathon results you can shake a stick at, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar. My musings:

  • As of now (post-Soochow), Courtney’s got my vote for UROY, but Camille has another run next week at Desert Solstice to narrow that gap. What a year for women’s long ultras!
  • Want to geek out Soochow splits? Go here.
  • CIM was awesome. I’ll write more about it later, but running as a sighted guide was probably the most significant experience I’ve ever had as a runner and I can’t encourage you enough to get involved. If you’d like to help run as a guide (it’s easy!), visit unitedinstride or shoot me an email if you’ve got questions.
  • Watching Joe Gray at Xterra (or really any similar event) is getting similar to watching Tiger Woods play golf 10 years ago–it’s boring (in a good way) because the guy just doesn’t lose. Sage and Andy gave him a run, but at the end, it was Joe’s day. Here’s our interview w Mr. Gray  from this year.
Kyle and I at CIM yesterday, around mile 21. 3:39 final time…8 minute PR for him!

Here’s a great story about the “Sharon Slam” of three 100s in six weeks.

Full results from the 2018 Hardrock Lottery. This’ll be one hell of a race again.

Did you catch our latest interview? I chatted with writer and JFK champ Eric Senseman about running with the Coconino Cowboys, what he did to finally nab the JFK win after previous attempts, and why the MUT world has so few female content creators.  Good talk with a neat guy!


And if you’re looking for a fast 100 with great organization and a low-key vibe that won’t cost you a fortune, check out C&O Canal 100 in Knoxville Maryland.  Fast and relatively flat 2 loop course along the Patomac with a Patagonia singlet and a buckle for $150? Yes please!

Read this: My friend Julia’s story about pain, community, and dropping from Tahoe 200. Honest, poignant, and relatable to many of us in this silly sport.

Are you a runner? Are you stretching your calf muscles enough? As someone who’s had major calf problems for years, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep them loose and strong.  

WS lottery crowd. Pic by me.

I was at the Western States lottery on Saturday and saw a few past URP guests get their names called. Coree Woltering will be toeing the line along Kris Brown and Nathan Toben. I can’t wait to see both of these guys tear it up!  One of many neat aspects of being at the lottery live is seeing local (or at least, present) runners get drawn, and this year there seemed to be significantly fewer than in years past. Lots of out of state and out of country runners will have the opportunity line up in Squaw, and my guess is the waitlist will move faster than last year because of that.

Neat read: How technology has changed–and is changing–our sport in different ways.

Skurka reviews the new Hoka Cavu road shoe. Anxious to try the out!

Broken Arrow Skyrace (June, Lake Tahoe, CA) registration opens at 8am PST today. Better get over here before it sells out.

One of the top moments of 2017 for me was “watching” Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs take top 2 in the steeple at Worlds. Here’s a great interview with Courtney where she talks about training with better runners, triple jumps, coaching, and more.

Just got news that Ultrarunning Magazine’s UROY voting will consider all races for 2017. In years past, due to publishing dates, races like Desert Solstice weren’t always considered because of the voting/counting requirements. With the publication of the magazine pushed back a month, we can look at ALL races for 2017. Nice work, John and Karl.  We’re doing our own end of year extravaganza with Sarah Lavender Smith and Jamil Coury. The Patreon $12+ crew had the chance to help create categories for the upcoming show.


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