Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Feb 11

Justin’s This Week in Running lays down all the ultramarathon and trail results from the past week. Notable to me:

  • Uli Steidl is running Fourmidable next weekend! Wow, anxious to see how he does.
  • Camille’s Tarawera run was pretty damn impressive. She still struggles with technical terrain (as do I!), but if it’s relatively smooth, she’s nearly unbeatable by anyone.
  • Black Canyon next weekend is looking like a great lineup. YiOu Want, Kaci, some Cowboys, Dakota, Max…whew. Giddy. Up.

Non ultramarathon/trail news: Jamaican 3,000m runner Kimoy Campbell collapsed at the Millrose Games over the weekend and according to a recent announcement for his family, is currently sedated in the hospital “letting his body rest.” Kemoy is the current national record holder for the 3k and 10k. Best wishes to him and his family.

Ethan Newberry is jumping into the race director business with a brutal event in Washington called Tiger Claw. More info here. His Patreon supporters (including moi) got an early chance to register…all others can get in tomorrow morning at 7am PST.

Interesting article about why some sports shun dopers while others like football essentially turn a blind eye.

JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News: Wardian’s incredible 7/7/7 (see more below), Walter Handlosers’s Half Hundred Hundreds update, and more.

So wait, am I more masculine or less masculine for my new diet?

And for something more feminine, here’s Alison’s excellent Fast Women newsletter.

Mike Wardian set a new Guiness World Record for his 10 marathons time. Still waiting for an official mark, but 10 marathons in 10 days with an average time under three hours is incredible. And they were done with crazy travel. And with minimal recovery. And Mike is 44 years old. Truly an outlier in a sport full of outliers.

Good stuff from Ritz: You need a running confidant.

More on why a good nights sleep is the magic pill for athletic performance.

Counter point: How many champions have we spoken to whose race repots start with “I slept like sh*t the night before the race….”

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