Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Feb 18

Most people in the US have today off for President’s Day. Happy Monday! Turns out to be a pretty slow news day in the land of MUT running too.

What’s the state of the OCR industry, and what are the trends for the road racing scene? I’d love to see an updated and comprehensive study done based on ultrasignup data.

As a life long fan of XC, I found this article about the roots of the sport interesting. Also, it turns out, Barkley is really just one big XC race.

Justin/IRF Week in Review. All the results from this weekends ultramarathon and trail races. A few that stood out to me:

  • Matt Daniels was a surprise for me, but the rest of the Golden Ticket winners at Black Canyon made sense. Glad to see Kaci’s in!
  • Curious about Jared’s and Max’s drops. Hope they’re OK and it was just a tough day.
  • FOURmidable must’ve been a muddy mess. So much rain last week and it snowed in Auburn! But whoa, ski season is doing Tim Tollefson well. Can’t wait to see how his summer turns out.
  • Dani Moreno is someone I’ve been watching since her impressive win at Broken Arrow a few years ago. I like what she’s doing…sticking to the distance and terrain that suits her best.
  • Mark Hammond’s 13:05 100 miler at Jackpot is impressive. Mark flies under the radar then just kills it.
  • Transgrancanaria next weekend looks like a good race–especially on the ladies side–with Chaverot, Miao Yao, and returning champ Magdalena Łaczak all lining up.
  • And wow, check it out! My buddy Sean tied with Dave Johnston at Susitna! I’ll give him sh*t when he gets back.

Jill writes about a race/course most of us in Northern California have run and reflects on what it was like to be a beginner in this silly sport. I always love Jill’s posts and this one brought a special smile to my face.

Be sure to check out Jam Jam’s Mountain Outhouse for the week: Race results, Kara Goucher, and a two story outhouse?

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