Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Jan 14

Justin breaks down the results from this weekend’s trail and ultramarathon events. Particular note to me is Ruperto Romero’s 2nd at Avalon 50. If you have’t heard our interview with him, I’d urge you to check it out…he’s a pure runner with a passion for racing and pushing himself. And next weekend…wooeeee! Jim at Houston half and a bevy of fast women at HURT!

I’ll add: UK’s Jim Mann and Ireland’s Carol Morgan win convincingly in the 174km Montane Spine race. Something I didn’t know about the event; There’s a division for SAR personel.

montane spine ultra
Montane Spine Ultra. Images used with permission.

In praise of the radically simple idea of walkingInteresting take on how walking is more relatable than running.

Dylan Bowman and Kelly Wolf come in at #4.

JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News: Golden Ticket, women’s starts, goodr hysteria, tiki bar runs, and more. The Mogollan Monster decision is a strange one, but I can’t find anything about it online. Any help? I missed the joke/comment at the end apparently…Oops. Great stuff as always from Jamil and crew.

In a scene straight out of Tom Sawyer, the Little Rock Marathon creates hype around the opening of volunteer registration.

Excellent short film about an Austrian ultrarunner named Ulte who loves the mountains and squeezes in a final run before the snow comes. Director shows some incredible shots on singletrack…are those trails near Hamburg?

Coree Woltering and his frozen gnomes after his new CR. Pic from Facebook.

Ask four different coaches about intervals and HIIT and you’ll probably get five answers. Here’s one take. (While it’s not disclosed, this certainly looks like sponsored content by OrangeTheory.)

I hadn’t seen Mocko’s Bandera/Golden Ticket video yet, and yep, it’s pretty good. Check out what all the hype is about right here.

Excellent new newsletter that highlight women’s running, from track events to marathons and beyond. Alison’s guide on how to last in the sport (really past HS and college) is fantastic.

Adidas Terex is slowly putting together a pretty damn solid team. Last year, Tim Olson. This year and its most recent signing: Tom Evans. Also on the team: Luis Alberto Hernando, Sasha Di Giulian, Shauna Coxsey, Kevin Jorgeson, Martin Söderström, Kai Lightner, and Mina  Markovič.

Anyone want to move to Annecy, France and design trail shoes for Salomon?

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