Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Jan 28

Justin/IRF runs down all the results from the trail and ultramarathon events from this past weekend.

And not an ultra, but worthy of a mention: From the excellent Fast Women Newsletter by Alison Wade: Competing against professional runners, Katelyn Tuohy broke the high school indoor 3,000m record on Saturday, running 9:01.81 at the Dr. Sander Invitational Columbia Challenge at NYC’s Armory Track & Field Center. Tuohy ran an aggressive race, leading some of the middle laps, but she was ultimately outkicked by professional runners Amanda Eccleston (8:56.68) and Heather Kampf (8:56.87).

Excellent interview with OG Dick Beardsley.

Gear reviewer Sarah checks out the Ledlenser Neo10R and loves it. Pull quote: “I highly recommend picking up the Ledlenser Neo10R. and do not think you will be in any way disappointed by the purchase. It’s a high quality, high output light, for a fraction of the price of more well known brands.”

IAU: No 100k European Championships for 2019. Probably not a big surprise.

If you’re on a desktop, check out the right sidebar for an ever-increasing list of podcast directories/platforms on which to find URP. And please, feel free to recommend your favorite. (We’re currently pending for Pandora and IHeartRadio.)

How was your weekend? Lucho seemed to have found a new and “adequate modality for suffering.”

If you’re interested in the back end of the podcasting industry, you might find this article interesting: Why top ten lists are harming the podcast industry. 

An open letter to RDs from the back of the pack. What do you think?

Compelling: Stulberg writes about the performance paradox in which athletes try so hard and work so hard at something…then perform at their peak with little effort. Interesting stuff that’s applicable to any exercise.

Jam Jam’s Mountain Outhouse News. Dbo at Hong Kong, Jasmin Paris at the Spine, Walmsley at Houston, and the return of Rob Krar’s Beard twitter account.

While not on the same level as Jimbo (though arguable with age grading), Jean is 25 years older and is still a prolific ultramarathon runner who lines up for road races regularly and performs at a high level. Here’s his most recent race.

Personal: With two exceptions (mom’s turkey pasta and some SPAM for a cultural festival for 1st graders), I’ve been meat free for almost a month. What’s surprised me is how not hard it’s been. I’ve increased my greens and beans, tried out a few meat replacements (bean and lentil “burgers” last night) and even tried the Carl’s Jr. (Hardees) Beyond burger. While I don’t see this is a forever thing, and while my history with moderation isn’t good, this experiment is teaching me that I don’t need to eat meat every night to be satiated and happy and still excited by food. On the advice of many, I bought the Thug Kitchen cookbook, and the recipes have been OK. Not great, but OK. Any other cookbooks to recommend that don’t include massive lists of exotic and expensive ingredients and/or two hour prep times? Bonus if they don’t read like a teenager who’s allowed to use profanity for the first time. Thanks.

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