Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Jan 29

All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend, courtesy of Justin at IRF. Quick thoughts:

  • Re: the HK100 disqualification. I could get past the bottle exchange, but littering is absolutely not acceptable. Good call by the organizers.
  • Sean O’Brien has a good men’s field, but the women’s? Daaaamn!
  • David Riddle seems to have Mountain Mist figured out, doesn’t he?
  • Patrycja Bereznowska’s new 48hr record is outstanding.

Yo, soliders and military personnel: Please put your Strava on private.

Alright. (Scroll down to bottom.) Take a deep breath. Let’s talk about this solely in the context of  sport and competition. My daughter’s soccer league has a “ladybug” rule that girls can play on boys teams, but boys can’t play on girls teams. If you’ve ever watched kids sports, you wouldn’t question why the league instituted this policy.
And while I’m completely sympathetic to most LGBTQ causes and rights, a biological male competing against a biological female simply doesn’t make sense for sports and creates an unlevel playing field for women. Inclusion is fantastic and should be lauded, but we need to retain common sense parameters when we’re talking about competition.  I’d love to hear your opinions on this, but please remember to stay civil.

“But the dichotomy between ‘mind’ and ‘matter’ is, I think, misleading, because ‘mind’ is intrinsically linked to the ‘matter’,” he says. “Perhaps you can say brain matter over body matter, but even that’s false, because one doesn’t function independently of the other.”

Scientists on the cutting edge of studying the importance of brain power and athletic performance.

Why are so many runners getting into politics?

Did you check out our latest episode with Kyle Pietari? We talk about balancing a busy law career with three young kids, participating in fecal transplant studies, and what he learned at his first hundred miler. I’ll have him in my picks for top ten at Western this year.

Blah blah, yadda yada new trail running series, blah, blah, winner takes home a real viking weapon a cruise, and a bunch of beer. Hold on, what?

Interesting study: Employees at socially conscious more likely to cheat and lie.

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