Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Jan 6

Treeline Journal: What’s it going to take for Jim Walmsley to make the Olympic marathon team? Chase digs into how he’s seamlessly switched from MUT training to marathon-specific training and whether or not he’s got a shot. Here’s his workout from yesterday…30 miles at 5:43 pace with a 4:50 final mile. Yeeeeesh!

IRF/TWIR: Justin runs down all the results from trail and ultramarathon events from the past week. Hot takes: Keep an eye on Scotty Trummer at next weekend’s Bandera 100k. He’s my pick to win the men’s race and will use it a launching pad to place well at Way Too Cool and Lake Sonoma in the spring.

Canadian Running: A common question we all get is “so wait, do you sleep during your race?” According to this article, you should be.

Anton’s ode to bike touring and why he’s doing more of it.

Fast Women: Roundup of women’s running news from the past week. One comment: We need more running podcasts? Really? (edit/clarification: Alison says there’s more room for podcasts specifically with a new format. I agree.)

Origin unknown.

Bloomberg: What percentage of Hakone Ekiden runners wore Nike Vapor Fly’s? 30%? 50%? 70%! Wrong,wrong, wrong. Eighty four percent wore them(!), and every other shoe manufacturer is freaking the hell out.

Trailrunner Mag: Winter training with Tim Tollefson. (And keep in mind, Tim lives in a part of California with “real” winter and he works full time.)

ABC: To what ends would you go to to protect your pooch? Would you have someone shoot and kill the mountain lion that you suspect killed the dog?

Wyatt Horsby: Three things in the ultramarathon world that are concerning. Fair criticisms. What else would you add? (And yes, Wyatt, we’re still reading blogs! Please keep independent blogs alive!)

Update: I passed along a question last week about the heaviest person to finish an ultra. Got a response from Ross who finished ATY 100 this year at 264 lbs. For sake of knowledge, has anyone “beat” that?

Canadian Running: What to do when your race sells out too fast? If you’re Laz, you create a new one with similar qualities and that one sells out too.

SCMP: How to taper for an ultramarathon.

Ultrarunning History: Ultra backwards walking.

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