Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Jan 7

Gal running in the Bay Area gets attacked by dog, pepper sprays dog, then gets bit by owner. Wait, what?

Ooooohhhhh. Garmin’s first cellular-enabled wearable.

Justin lays down the results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail results. Four Golden Tickets awarded this weekend, and two of them go to Mocko and Ladia. Sweet!

Imagine a Keurig for beer…but larger, more finicky, and considerably less efficient.

And we now have a 90 year old cyclist who got popped for doping.

Watch Ryan and Ryno run the Great Himalayan Trail. I’ll be having Jimmi Oostrum (one of five people to complete a circumnavigation of the entire Kathmandu Valley in one push) on the show this week to talk about trail running and fast packing in Nepal. Stay tuned.

Elísabet Margeirsdóttir gets some well-deserved respect from her fellow Icelanders after her Gobi win.

Think American River 50 is too expensive? Here’s a code to save 25%.

We’re one week into the 2019 and Walt Handloser has already finished two 100 milers. Forty eight to go. Find his interview and race spreadsheet right this way.

Much of our silly sport comes down to time management and goal setting: How many miles do I need to run each week to finish that race in the summer, and how will I fit that into my schedule? I’m curious what you think of this article that compares using a calendar with using a to-do list and the effectiveness of each.
Personally, I’d never thought of time management and prioritizing that way but it makes a ton of sense. Time for change!

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