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Here’s Charlie Ware’s sharting story from Western.

Justin/IRF’s trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend. Notable highlights:

  • Hardrock. Fire is over, but isn’t there a monsoon going through now?
  • Schlarb at Eiger: Great to see he’s still killing it. But any idea what happened to Swanson?
  • Men’s Speedgoat is going to be awesome, but the women’s field is even more exciting.

Hmmm. Well, this is pretty cool to see. Anton’s run this past weekend covered 38 miles at 8:18 pace on the Leadville course at 10k feet. Very, very cool.

Did you catch our latest podcast with Jessa Hackman? She’s got a track and climbing background and is tearing up the trails in the Midwest right now.

Looking for a race in mid September? Check out The North Face Endurance Championship in Kettle Moraine SP near Madison. Various distances, strong local beer scene, and superb race directing. Use URP20 for 20% off of registration.

In that interview with Jessa, we talk about how she started running “for her self” during her year abroad in South Africa and how she’s never not run on a team or for a coach. Here’s another take on that situation: Lizzie Simonds was a professional swimmer for the UK who just recently retired at 27 and is now finding herself adrift (and free) from the only life she’d ever known. Good read and I’m anxious to follow along on her journey.

It’s something many of us have to deal with: How to train for hills when you live in the flatlands. I’m a fan of parking garages and staircases, myself.

Good interview with the first runner to go from the wait list to a top ten finish...Corrine Malcolm.

Interested in learning more about the trail and ultramarathon scene in Norway and how it differs than that in the States? Check out this podcast.

The LetsRun hive mind attempts to list the most elite/competitive ultramarathons in the world.

One of the most compelling articles I’ve read about running/hiking in grizzly bear country. The author asks a fair question about the decision to route a trail ultramarathon right through, what he calls, high quality grizzly habitat.

Vol State just got interesting. Looks like we’ve got a race as Brian Trinkle caught up to fellow screwed participant Alan Abbs overnight. Follow along here.


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