Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, July 2

Justin and IRF run down all the ultramarathon and trail running results from this weekend. Here’s what caught my eye:

  • Joe Grant and Alex Nichols each setting separate Nolan’s FKT’s at the same time. One north, one south, one supported, one unsupported. I haven’t read anything about whether or not they passed en route, but I hope they gave a big high five to each other.
  • Tara Langdon clicking off nearly 129 miles in 22 hours on a damn treadmill. If that’s not tenacity, I don’t know what is.
  • Mt Marathon! Without question, my favorite trail race in the world of any distance! For the fellas, I’ve got to go with Max King or David Norris, and for the ladies, I hoping for a triumphant return for Allie O. (If you’re not familiar with the race, this should catch you up quick.) And a simple request: Can we please get Joe Gray up there next year???

Where do you go after you’ve done all of your research high up on Everest? You go to space, of course.

Uncle Larry doesn’t want to hear your stupid music at the aid station.

Outside Mag puts out their Ultramarathon Hall of Fame” list and I’m left scratching my head and feeling embarrassed for the writer. So a Grand Canyon FKT gets a nod, but not Ann Trason? Not Bruce Fordyce? Lizzie Hawker? No damn mention of Ted Freaking Corbitt? Maybe Matt Carpenter? Ellie’s record at Western? I dunno, maybe any mention of a little guy from the Pyrenees???

In the hottest part of the day, approaching the canyon of endless inferno that barbecues its young, I think my stomach was turning around.  I would try a little jog.  No tightness.  I ate a shot block.  No tightness!  I continued to jog (incredibly slowly) the next four miles down to the El Dorado aid station, and while I was going super slow, I was running, and I was running without any stomach pain!  I arrived to that aid, as happy as a clam, and they were pretty convinced I was delirious and about to die with the smile I had coming in.  I told them that my stomach hurt so bad the last 30 miles, that it really put the heat into perspective, and was totally fine, and I was just happy my stomach wasn’t trying to eat itself anymore.  After some Red Bull and more shot blocks, I had a newfound sense of confidence that I was going to make it to Auburn. 

Brett Hornig’s report from Western States.

And more on Nick Bassett, the oldest finisher of the storied race. I dunno, someone should probably check that guy’s ID.

And here’s how Courtney ran so well. Don’t freak out. Don’t stress.

And finally, the Big Dance from a first year volunteer’s perspective. Great perspective, Dreama!

This 13yo girl in Utah is getting ready for her first hundred miler. These stories always make me a bit nervous, but she seems to be the real deal.

Read this: Who’s Alvin “Mote” Bergman? He’s the first American to cover 100 miles in under 24 hours and he did it in 1950. Davy Crockett tells a great story right this way.

This midpack runner tried to set the record for running across California. She failed, but that experience was the best of her life.

To be fast is awesome, but to be healthy is awesomer.

Bob Shebest/BUFF contest giveaway winners.  Thanks for playing everyone!

  • Anthony Lee from Aurora, CO. (Arm sleeves.)
  • Verity Mathis from Kansas (Arm sleeves.)
  • Mikel Haggadone (Western States edition BUFF wrap.)
  • Julie Koepke (Western States edition BUFF wrap.)

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