Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, July 23

Tyler Sigl and Sabring Little claim the USATF 50 Mile Trail Ultramarathon Championships at Cayuga Trails in NY. Looks like Sabrina led from the start while the guys mixed it up a bit. (Typo in the article: 2nd female went to Sarah Keyes.

Gonna be a quick news day. I’ll be discussing the ultramarathon scene on a sports show this morning and trying to care for a very, very old dog at home.

In case ya missed it…Race leader Xavier Thevenard was disqualified from Hardrock this weekend for taking aid outside of an aid station, a clear violation of the rules.  No one argues that he took aid (well, he did at first…read the linked article), no matter how inconsequential the water and ice seemed, especially given his lead over 2nd place. Lots to ponder here…could a different penalty have been handed down? Why’d they DQ him at mile 90 if the violation happened at 40?  Doesn’t this happen in the mid/back of the pack all the time? Here’s iRunFar’s take on the race. I’ll be discussing this more in depth in this week’s URP Daily News Briefing podcast on Patreon.

And did you know Xavier’s wasn’t the only DQ from this year’s race? 

–>What do you want us to checkout at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this week in Denver? Our gear editors Ben and Sarah will be onsite making the rounds to check out all the new shoes and gear arriving in 2019. Feel free to leave a comment on what you want to see and hear about.

Are there too many ultramarathon trail races in Hong Kong? Similar questions for the San Francisco Bay Area. While it’s great for our sport, there are myriad groups who’d like to “have their parks and trails back.”

More on the Japanese ekiden doping case. This is transparency.

Jim Atkinson and Bree Lambert take the wins at Tahoe Rim Trail 100 miler. Jim is 47, Bree is 50 and the next 8 women were all 40+ years old. Awesome.

Trail races cover dense jungle miles from the nearest road, single track that sits high above a city, looking down, and now access roads for giant windfarms in the UK. I’d love to see a race in the Altamont Pass (SE of San Francisco) but man, the lack of any trees would be a scorcher.

I guess I should paying more attention to David Sinclair. Anyone who beats Tim T, Sage, and Tayte in a Skyrace deserves a closer look. For the ladies, I think most people expected Ruth Croft to bag the win, and she came through. Ladia Albertson-Junkans, in her 2nd Skyrace, finished third. Full results right this way.

Not an ultramarathon, but huge props to Shelly Houlihan and Courtney Frerichs for breaking the 5000 AR and steeplechase AR, respectively. Both are coached by Jerry Schumacher for the  Bowerman Track Club. (fixed…oops)

A more in-depth discussion of the the advantages gained by VaporFlys and other gear/technology in running and other sports. I sure wouldn’t want to be on the committee making these decisions.

Fun report from one runner’s time at Vermont 100.

And here’s more proof that the more expensive the shoe, the better it’ll perform.  You should definitely go buy them. (Monday funnies.)

Identical twin brothers: One is a truck driver, the other, runner. Science steps in and studies the age-old question about nurture vs nature.

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