Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, July 30

Justin/IRF report results from all the trail and ultramarathon events from around the world

MUT prize purses will cause corruption, doping, and hurt the sport, but it’s perfectly fine if the UTMB owners get rich off it. Riiight. Read, listen, and comment right over here.

Davy Crockett discovers the first apparent trail Ultramarathon in modern US history. Took place on Padre Island in Texas in the early 50s and covered over 100 miles, but included crazy rules like no running and no beer.

JamJam takes on some of the big issues from last week: Hardrock, Vermont, Badwater, and more. Pretty sure that was the longest Mountain Outhouse episode ever. Great perspective again.

Quick interview with Clare Gallagher about spicy food and her ideal dinner companion.

Remember when we talked to Ailsa Macdonald in February?? She flies into to work at a petroleum facility in the Canadian arctic, spends long weekends in Arizona, and beat Courtney (that Courtney) at Black Canyon earlier this year? Super tough and super low key. This past weekend, she qualified for Kona. 

For those following along, URP cohost Sarah Lavender Smith ran Ouray 100 this past weekend. She’s been training her mind and body for the race (while also taking on all of life’s other adventures), but it seems the altitude got to her and she pulled the proverbial plug at mile 66. Anxious to hear more.

Follow up on our Neal Collick interview from last week. I don’t see him on the results list and nothing on social media about how he did at Minnesota Voyageur. Anyone have info?

Bummer: A herniated disc and spinal problem led to all sorts of physical/sleep issues and Dave Proctor had to call off his trans-Canadian run. More here.

San Franscisco Marathon had a couple ultramarathon runners up front. Jorge Maravilla won in 2:29, with Alex Varner a few spaces back in 2:33.  Scott Dunlap won the double with 3:08/3:14) and Dean Karnazes took 12th with 4:34 and 4:44 splits. This was also the first year of the race having a blind/visually impaired division, though I can’t find any results. Any help?

Just posted a request on Patreon looking for help with the Daily News next week.

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