Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, July 9

Justin Mock/IRF run down the weekend’s top ultramarathon and trail running results from around the world. Here’s what caught my eye:

  • I wasn’t familiar with Allie McLaughlin before today, but now I’m intrigued. She’s a skydiver slash mountain runner? Rad combo.
    • More on the Trail Running Champs from Loon Mountain: What will it take for more top talent to show up to USATF events? Money? Sponsor interest? Interested in exploring this question some more. Any ideas?
  • Kilian’s BGR record. (Here’s some mainstream news coverage.) Yes, incredible, but as I explained in the News Briefing a few weeks ago, I’m getting bored with how good he is.
  • David Norris is a beast and I want to see him race (trail running) more.

Sometimes it’s too hot to run and your body shuts down. Here’s how to diagnose heatstroke and what to do about it.

You familiar with the Desert Rats stage race that runs from Fruita CO to Moab Utah? 150 miles of fun and here’s a report about it.

Citlali Cristian
Citlali Cristian, 2nd overall at Loon Mountain. Pic by Richard Bolt/ATRA.

Women have lower DNF rates in marathons than men. Why is that? Here’s a theory. Anyone have data on ultramarathon DNF rates by gender? Can we drill down Western’s numbers from this year? Curious if the same theory holds true.

The Mt Marathon coverage is right this way: Men’s race | Women’s race

Mountain Outhouse News with JamJam. Interested to learn/hear more about the coverage of the Mt Blanc Marathon. Was the coverage and technology something that could be used in other events?

Didya catch our latest podcast with WR holder Traci Falbo? Traci’s having an emotional crisis with running right now–she’s in tip-top physical shape, but mentally, she’s not engaged. Sarah and I chatted with her shortly after her 28:32 finish at Western to find out how her race went and what she’s planning next.

ultramarathon sandals
Results of running in Chaco sandals.

Ran a couple trail miles in my Chaco Z/Canyon 2’s yesterday and enjoyed them. No, I’m not going barefoot and not joining the sandal cult, but after hiking so much in Chaco’s for the past few years, I wanted to try them out on a run and they did great. A few pebbles under my feet and some serious dirt tan, but I’ll do it again for sure.

Check out Jean’s report from his run at Marathon du Mont Blanc. As always, great pics and details.

And be sure to read Meghan “The Queen” (Arbogast) Laws’ report from Western. Dean’s comment is spot on…Meghan would be a great worldwide ambassador for this silly sport of ours. (And was that another Nathan Lehman mention in there?)

More from the Western women: Stephanie Violett (and Meghan’s TNF teammate) writes about her experience at the Big Dance and her summer plans.

Slutdrops and simulated oral sex make up the “Ibiza Warmup” at a Tough Mudder race in the UK. Yeah, probably not appropriate. Geez.

Read this: Davy Crockett writes another incredible historical piece on ultramarathon walking. “Walkathons” were a big thing in the 1930s and included corruption, entertainment, and big money.

How many calories do you really burn after your workout is over?

I’ll be recording another special edition of the URP Ultramarathon and Trail Running News Briefing this morning and making available exclusively to the Patreon community. If you’d like to have the episode pushed to your favorite podcast player (and you’re a $5+/month Patron), follow these simple instructions.

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