Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, June 12

Week in ultramarathon and trail running results. Kilian’s road half marathon, US reps overseas, short courses in the States, and more.

Jamil and Schuyler show how not to pace someone at Western States.

And here’s our take on crewing/pacing at the Big Dance from 2014.  Kim Gaylord details the finer points of crewing and Kiwi speedster Vajin Armstrong talks about what he wants from a pacer.

Speaking of Kiwis, Grant Guise is stateside as he prepares for another run at Hardrock.  Here’s how he’s training.

But what makes a free climb of El Capitan perhaps the greatest sports achievement of my lifetime is the mental challenge of entering a flow state for four hours straight. People marvel at a basketball player entering the zone and hitting shot after shot, but Honnold had to enter a new level of zone in which he could not miss a single shot or the game would end forever.

Even more on Honnold’s El Cap climb. (Yes, I’m a bit obsessed with it.)

Quick review of Sarah’s book The Trail Runner’s Companion. Ill be giving away a few copies soon….stay tuned.

Put on your thinking’ cap and get ready to flex your funny bone…Sabrina has a new race report.

We’ll be counting down the days to Western States along with Clare. In this post, she reflects on her weekend and a retreat where “competition versus comparison” was a point of discussion.

This guy is attempting to run 26.2 miles at each and every National Park. Awesome.

Allie Ostrander is one of the most well-rounded, fiercest runners in the country.  Mt Marathon, NCAA Steeple, XC Champ…and no academic slouch either. I wish I had a crystal ball to see what she’s doing in five years. I hope she’s healthy.

Bryon’s preview of the women’s field at Western. Super psyched to see how this unfolds.

I will run until my knees ache and my back stiffens, and I will manage the ensuing pain with too much Advil. Being skinny, even with back pain, feels a lot better than being chubby. And then, once I feel I have earned it, I will eat a large meal, thereby resetting the cycle of guilt, and begin the process all over again tomorrow. It’s a problem as destructive as any other type of addiction, which, if we’re being forthcoming, I also have plenty of experience with.

More on exercise bulimia from a fella’s perspective.

How training helps you handle pain better.

Read this: Andrew Skurka interviews David Roche about his Bighorn training, strength, and more.


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