Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, June 17

IRF/Mock: All the results from the trail and ultramarathon scene from this past weekend.
-Very cool to see so many OT qualifiers doing well at trail races.
-A legit tie at Mt Washington in the women’s race? Awesome!
-Ruy Ueda is so much fun to watch…hope he hits a few more US races in the future.
-Seth Swanson FTW! Nice to see him back.
-Good preview of Broken Arrow next weekend. You coming?

Traveling Canucks: What a cool thing to find in the mountains behind Whistler! A kaleidescopilcally graffiti’d–and wrecked– box car nestled up against old growth redwoods. Any races that make use of these trails?

UK Daily Mail: Who’s gonna hack this for use in sports? Slowing down? ZAP! Forgot your gel? ZAP! Whining at aid stations? ZAP ZAP!

Science of Running: What happens when your identity is totally wrapped up in your running…and your running stops. We’ve talked about this a lot on the show and Magness’ latest post really wraps it all up well.

Daily Dot: Clif Bar and KIND snacks are fighting like children on twitter. And….its kind of amusing.

RW-UK: If you’re really into obscure and bizarre cocktails, or perhaps you have a toe fetish, or maybe. you’re just a really really hardcore ultramarathon fanboy…

NATHAN: Neat video about The Queen Meghan Laws. She’s incredible. Also, nice Taco Tree shirt, LB.

LetsRun thinks THIS list constitutes the “majors” in the ultramarathon racing scene. What do you think? Here’s the “Triple Crown” and I agree with that list completely.

This guy is running around the world and writing about his journey every day. Fun reads.

iRunFar: Men’s Western States Endurance Run preview. Excellent round up as always, and aside from the top spot, I’d have a really tough time putting money on the race. Gonna be a fun one, that’s for sure.

Corless: Ultra Trail Scotland looks breathtaking. WOW.

Oh, Boulder.

Active.com: How to avoid jet lag on the way to a race.

WTA: Outdoor lessons from our dads, grandfathers, and uncles. (Happy belated Dad’s Day, dads.)

Frisco, CO has their own kids trail racing series this summer. Rad.

Youtube: A 17th century prison in the UK turns into a marathon race course for the day. Looks like a fun group of people…but 78 laps? Oy.

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