Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, June 18

Results from this weekend’s ultramarathon and trail events from around the world, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar.

The story at Broken Arrow this weekend was undoubtedly the ladies. Hillary’s return. Megan’s 5th OA. Dani Moreno’s new CR in the 26k. Caitlin, Morgan, and Rea using their other sport training on the trails. Later today, I’ll write a bit more about a different type of performance that had a huge impact on me.

Broken Arrow VK
The last stretch of the Broken Arrow VK was literally dug into the snow. Pic by me.

You’ll have to pardon the brevity of today’s News. Long weekend at Broken Arrow that now pushes through until this evening. I’ve got absolutely no idea how RD’s do it. It must be the big bucks, right?

Do you have race anxiety? Ultrarunning Magazine’s Amy Clark analyzes the problems–and solutions–to get you to the start line in strong mental shape.

Thereโ€™s a reason, after all, that people are romanced by pursuits like thru-hiking or mountaineering or ultrarunning; endurance is such a pure form of living, a way to experience being human, but stripped of the superfluities and stressors of modern life.

–It’s rare to like everything that someone writes, but Yitka’s words are an exception. In this recent piece about her 3rd try at the Issy Alps, she reflects on the meaning of adventure, the big question of faith and love, and the relationship between she and her partner George. Fantastic writing and story telling.  Here’s our interview with Yitka from last year.

Good read: Magness writes about the powers of the Placebo Response.

And more simple advice: If you want success, figure out the price first.

Kawauchi ran a relatively slow 2:52 50k (he’s got the CR of 2:42) on a mountainous course in Japan. Of course he did.

Ultramarathon training 101 from a magazine author.


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