Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, June 19

Full ultramarathon and trail racing results from this weekend.

Tragic: Teen runner killed by black bear during trail race in Alaska.

How is Camille Herron prepping for the Comrades/Western double? More here.

Looking up towards Escarpment on WS course. Snow, snow, and more snow.

I spent all weekend at Broken Arrow Skyrace in North Lake Tahoe. My takeaways:

  • Tayte Pollman is the male Pixie Ninja. Quiet but deadly.
  • Morgan Arritola is her own type of beast. Wow! I’m liking seeing top athletes from different sports excel at MUT running. (She competed in XC ski relay in 2010 Olympics.)
  • In typical California fashion, runners were met on top of Squaw Peak by bikini-clad skiers drinking PBR and smoking joints.
  • Max told me he was running “4:20 or 4:30” miles on the hill down to the finish. NBD.
  • There is a lot of snow up top right now. A lot. Sure much of it will melt, but prospects for a record run next week are slight in my opinion.
  • I’ve never seen anything like it–trail runners sharing the trails and mountains with skiers. Crazy.
  • Brendan and Ethan had every detail dialed. Nicely done gentlemen.
  • Stephanie, Viv, and I worked the announcing booth for 13 hours straight and announced every single name. Every. Single. One.
  • 52k champ Kelly Wolf is a new name to me, but after her performance on Saturday, I’m stoked to see she’s running Speedgoat next month. 

The PCT is super dangerous right now. Be safe.

6:08 mile? Meh.  Run in a full firefighter uniform? Dang.

I’m in Sacramento: Here’s our weather report for the next week. Holy. Wait, what?


I met Joaquin in India last year during the Himalayan 100. Here’s his report from the event—todo en Espanol.

Kilian (briefly) talks doping with Matt Hart.  

Blowing the horn on Squaw Peak for VK champ JP Donovan. Pic by Broken Arrow Skyrace.


Myke Hermsmeyer and Matt Trappe produced a video that shows Jim Walmsley’s transition from the Air Force to top ultramarathon runner. The full video (titled “Lighting the Fire”) will drop tomorrow via Outside Magazine, but I’ve seen it and it’s very, very good. It answers a lot of questions about not just “the wrong turn heard round the world”, but also Jim’s departure from the military and personal life.

I’ll be interviewing Jim tomorrow morning and posting interview in the afternoon. Stay tuned.

A lot of running “retreats” seem to not include a whole lot of running. This new event–hosted by Gary Robbins biz partner in BC–sounds like it’ll include a whole lot of mountain running in Andorra, smack dab in the middle of the Pyrenees.

Nothing like the excitement before a big race! Start of 26k and 52k at Broken Arrow.

Starting to plan for Western: I’ll be at Foresthill (same place as I’ve been for last 8 years) most of the afternoon.  Join me!

Eight mistakes people make when buying running shoes.

More on Western: While predicting the winner is fun, I’m also interested in points along the way:  Who’ll be the first woman to Robinson Flat at mile ~30? First fella? How about first to Foresthill at mile 60? My guess? Camille and Jim first to Robinson.  Kaci/Magda and Jim first to Foresthill. After that, the race really starts.  Thoughts?

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