Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, June 25

Well, well, what a weekend for global ultramarathon running. Stay tuned for a new podcast today that’ll run through all of these stories, but in audio format. I know you’re all busy, and it’s my goal to get you all the MUT info you need in multiple formats.

Let’s start with the international results, and I’ll be defining international as “anything outside of Olympic (Squaw) Valley.” Here’s Justin’s rundown from IRF. Quick thoughts:

  • American sweep at Lavaredo. Kelly Wolf and Hayden Hawks at the full distance and Hillary Allen and Zach Miller take the 48k. Wow!
  • Sarah Lavender Smith ran the San Juan Solstice 50 miler and we’ll hear more about that later this week.
  • At Monte Rosa SkyMarathon, the mixed gender team of Emelie and Kilian finished third in the all-male category. Interesting.

While everyone’e eyes were on Western or Lavaredo, a Japanese runner broke the 100k world record one week after Don Ritchie’s death. Though there’s some dispute on whether the course was record-worthy, his 6:09:14 works out to 5:56/mile. Note there were five runners who broke 6:30. Dayum.

So strange, isn’t it? Foot docs and people who make money from running injuries claim maxi-shoes don’t prevent injuries. 

Interval training 101 with Steve Magness.

I wrote this last week about my daughter’s experience running a trail 10k with Ladia Albertson Junkans, as well as a plea to get more kids involved in the sport.

I’d like to request Sean Connery to announce “Welcome to the Track” as each runner steps through the gate.

I guess this is a good start: An app that shows races that offer discounts to kids.

IRF’s play by play of Western States right this way. I’ll talk more about this in today’s news podcast, but the three big takeaways for me were:

  1. The lack of DNFs. Name a top runner who DNFed…can’t do it, can you? Despite the temps, huge finish rate!
  2. The Coconino Cowboys. Jim nailed it and hopefully quieted his doubters, especially with his finish line interview with Magda and Tom.
  3. And finally, the increase in women at the top of the field. The 2016 race saw 10 women in the top 50 OA. Twelve women in the top 50 last year, and fifteen this year. The men ain’t getting any slower, the women are just getting faster!

Here’s where (link fixed) Courtney first ran 100 miles–at a timed race in Minnesota. I like the description that she “runs like a bloody reindeer.”

Read this: I don’t think this is a problem for the trail/ultramarathon world yet, but it’d be a good idea to read this piece about how MTB culture has gone astray and use it as a harbinger of what could come lest we actively work to preserve our own culture.

Take this woman’s story as a reminder to stay healthy and to not take life for granted. And wow, what a comeback!

Don’t worry. Just because I don’t drink alcohol anymore doesn’t mean I’m turning into a hysterical teetotaler, but here’s some info on the dangers of drinking after working out.

I’ll post the audio update (still searching for a better name…ideas?) today that’ll go into these stories a bit more. Please please let me know what you think.



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