Ultramarathon Daily News |Monday, Mar 25

Justin Mock/IRF: All the results from this weekends ultramarathon and trail races. What stood out to me:
-Nine Trails was about what I expected. Fast Cowboys and the ladies duking it out.
-I gotta say this gently, but I’m surprised by the light field at GDR this year. Seems like a great opportunity to nab a Golden Ticket.

NatGeo: Good news: Bears, cougars, and wolves are repopulating much of their natural terrain in our country.
Bad news: Sometimes they want to eat us.
Here’s how to stay safe while sharing the trails with wildlife.

Motivation: Feeling lazy this Monday? This 73yo powerlifting and ultramarathon running Granda isn’t.

“She’s not graduating from anything, trying to reconnect with her inner child, attempting to understand the soul of her distant but nature-loving father, exploring an external wilderness in order to comprehend and inner universe, assuaging her cultural guilt over lands stolen from indigenous peoples, or trying to kick heroin, so we can’t think and any reason she’d want to explore the outdoors. We’re all pretty freaked out.”

—-….and, the Onion covers a thru hikes and provides the perfect bite of commentary we sometimes need.

Women’s Running: Results and links from track events to ultramarathons. Most compelling news in there is that Shalane Flanagan will be doing commentary for Boston next week, rather some boob who knows nothing about the sport. Now…will we be able to hear/watch her, or will it be restricted to certain areas?
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Inclusion: Anyone know if Adam Gorlitsky is still on course at the LA Marathon?

Tech help: I asked on twitter last week about a basic GPS watch for kids. Seems most of the fitnesses trackers only meausure steps, but I’ve got some kids on the team who are motivated by miles and time. Here’s the thing…these are 1st-3rd graders and they’ve got tiny wrists. Is the Garmin 35 the best choice, or is there another product out there that I’m missing? Thanks.

Hypocrites: You know those bloggers and vloggers yammering on about their vegan diets? Some of them are full of sh*t.

Trail Stewardship: This is an area I wish I knew more about. The who and how of trail maintenance is vitally important to our sport, and outside of volunteering, I regrettably don’t understand really anything else. From this release though, it looks like Western States and Tevis are making some big changes to keep the trails in perfect shape. Is this type of partnership done in other places, or is WS leading the charge? Regardless, big huge thanks to everyone in every group for keeping our trails maintained.

Speed: Lucho doesn’t just do track work, he does 100s and 200s as part of his routine. At altitude. Ouch.

World XC: Will the IAAF get XC champs right in this “watershed moment for the sport”?

Podcasts: The podcast medium is hot right now with no signs of slowing. Thanks to everyone for listening to URP.

FKT: Wardian sets new record for the 600+ mile Israeli National Trail. Nice!

Cool event: I reported on the Monarch Ultra a few weeks ago…it’ll track the migration route of the Monarch butterfly from Canada to Mexico, drawing attention to the butterfly’s role in nature. If you want to know more, find the route here, and some promo videos here and here. Runners can sign up and find all the relevant details on the website here.

Beer: Anyone in Europe tried Tempest Brewing’s Dropkick Sour? NA/LA sours are tough to find, and even though this isn’t available in the US, I’d still love to know if they’ve figured out a way to brew it sans alcohol. Let me know. Thanks.

More beer: A few weeks ago I reported on a guy who was going on a Lent-inspired beer-only diet. How’s it going? Dude’s down 18 pounds!

URP: Dropping a new episode today. Stay tuned.

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