Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, March 12

Justin/IRF boils down all the ultramarathon and trail running results from this past weekend. 

Women and men are different, so why not recognize that in ultramarathon events?

“I did not want to prove everybody had been wrong. I proved that it could be done.  I hope I have altered the outlook of some runners.  I hope I proved that running even paced is not the only way of winning races and breaking records.  I would like to think that if a runner wants to try and run ultramarathons fast right from the start against the wishes of his coach or trainer he could convincingly argue that that was the way Cavin Woodward did it.”

–Take a few minutes and read this incredible report from Calvin Woodward’s 100 miler from 1975. h/t to SteelTownRunner.

Ever wanted to bike pack 3000km across New Zealand? My buddy Luke just got back from doing just that. Here’s a collection of pics and videos. Can’t wait to hear more.

The Canyons Endurance Run is coming up next month and I see it as the best trainer/indicator for Western States success. Looks like there’s a bit more room. See you there.

Solid response to Toni Reavis’ recent post (re doping) about how athletes need to self-police their sport or GTFO.

Course saboteurs remove and move race ribbons in row between trail runners and other trail users. This is a major problem across the world and I’m not sure what the answer is. Maybe we could ask this guy…

Ever wanted to ask an MUT race director a specific question? How to host your first race? Why can’t I transfer my bib? What about drug testing? What can we do to help? Sarah and I will be chatting with TROT’s Rob Goyen on Wednesday for a discussion that I’m sure will wander from subject to subject. Patrons, jump over here to get your questions in. Thanks!

“People know me as an endurance runner. What they don’t know is the story of my parallel life. I was, by turn, servant at shepherds in the Bargau mountains, swineherd in the Romanian army, political asylum seeker in Berlin, pizza maker in an Italian restaurant, bodyguard to a Serbian underworld leader, witness in a gambling hall in Gran Canaria, and armed robber…

–As we always say…this sport is full of people with interesting stories. More on this, and by the way, Tibu is currently leading one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world right now.

Six questions to ask before drinking unpurified water.

While you’re settling into your desk for another Monday, take a minute to read about this 50-something who took a gap year and traveled the world.

UCI votes to keep “podium girls.” 

What to do when Parks Services cancels your first 100 mile ultramarathon: Run it anyways. Fun read!

Today:  Look for Sarah’s review on Oiselle bottoms and a brand spankin new podcast with Sports Chiropractor and Ultramarathon runner Dr. Hal Rosenberg.

Excellent post by Brad Stulberg about anxiety attacks and stress. Though every story is different as the solution, I can relate.  After years of teeth grinding, small panic attacks, and breathing problems I’d attributed to allergies (I never had a debilitating attack like Stulberg recounts), I finally visited my doc last year to find out what was wrong with me. When he told me it was anxiety and panic attacks, my first instinct was one of skepticism. Panic attacks? Anxiety? Me? He gave me an Rx for some meds, and I went home with a new goal: Figure out what was “wrong” with me and get past it. I took the meds for a week before I tossed them in the toilet, then really focused on cutting out negative influences in my life over the next few months, focusing on my immediate surroundings and actions, and supplementing my diet/lifestyle with some natural remedies.  I’m glad to say I feel a lot better today than I did then. I never tried to “train it away”, but actually slowed down my own training and focused on purely running for fun (hence all the miles I’ve put in with Sunny and subsequent lousy race results.) Again, everyone’s got their own method of conquering these issues, and this is what worked for me. Do you have a similar story?

And here’s more on exercise and depression.

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