Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, March 19

All the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar. Be sure to check out Mike Foote’s incredible world record. 

Stephanie must really love what she does, as moving from Chamonix back to a UN compound in Afghanistan seems pretty crazy. Hear more about Stephanie’s life right here.

mike foote ultramarathon
Mike Foote’s vert chart for his world record. Crazy! Pic courtesy of The North Face.

Looks like Kilian Jornet snapped his fibula at a skimo race in Spain (details in the iRunFar link above.) I hope he heals up soon. But until then…UTMB just got a lot more interesting.

So cycling causes sexual problems in men, while boosting the sex lives of women. Great.

Another head shaking ultramarathon performance from yesteryear: Park Barner clicks off 150+ miles on a dodgy track in the 1970s, but there’s more to the story. What’d he down he woke up from his post-race nap? Ran a 50 miler.

Does this mean we might see Anton line up?

Science: Does caffeine make you faster?

A similar take on the issue of having too many cameras on the trail. Yes, this is coming from the guy who promotes trail films, I know, I know.

Two big interviews today…Sarah and I are chatting with ultramarathon icon Scotty Mills and semi-rad‘s Brendan Leonard. Gotta go prep some more….stay tuned!

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