Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, March 26

Just getting into ultras and trails? Here’s a primer on running ultramarathons on a budget. My own thoughts: Treat it just like you do having a baby for the first time. There’s an impulse to go and buy everything available, but as any parent knows, half of that crap gets used once and passed on to someone else. When the second baby comes around, you know what you need, how it works, and what options you do or don’t require. Much like Scotty said in this interview…Be patient and don’t rush things and it’ll save you a ton of dough.

Read it: Sarah posts a real life account of what surrounded a great race and perfect picture.

Same sport? Barkley and Carlsbad on the same weekend and there’s probably not a lot of overlap.

All the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend, courtesy of Justin at iRunFar.

The Sciacchetrail Cinque Terre Ultra Trail had another big name runner, but I can’t tell if he started or not. 

Ultramarathon cinque terra
Did the guy on the left run?

Brooks signs two Special Olympics athletes to their running roster.

We had Gavin Woody on the show a few years ago to talk about some of his epic adventures on the trails. Earlier this month, he and Dave Johnston set a new record at the Iditarod Trail 350M and he uploaded the Strava route right here along with some great pictures. I’ll have Gavin and Dave on the show later this week to talk about their run.

Not quite content with a Guinness Record, Kawauchi ran a 70min half marathon in a three piece panda suit. Of course he did.

Kaci’s dealt with her pelvic injury with patience and perseverance, but now she’s got anemia to contend with. Here’s how she’s doing it.

Everything you need to know about ski mountaineering.

Excellent advice from Stulberg: Don’t split hairs with your fitness and passion. If you like to run, run. Don’t overthink it.

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