Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, March 4

Justin/IRF runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. My quick takes:

  • The Way Too Cool men’s race gave a preview of what to expect at Lake Sonoma. All three podium finishers (Costales, Gibbs, Mogavero) will be lining up in Healdsburg in six weeks. Whoa.
  • The women’s race was a good one. I’ll be honest, I don’t consider Clare to be a top 50k runner (50 miles plus is a different story), but she proved me very, very wrong on Saturday. She pushed hard and took the podium over a hard charging Addy Bracy and Ann-Marie Madden and was all smiles after the race.
  • Way Too Cool brought out the elites, but was also full of MOPers and BOPers with plenty of smiles and tons of experience.
  • On the East Coast (same distance, very different terrain!), it sounds like Caumsett had about as thrilling a race as possible with Zach Ornelas taking the lead in the final 5k and winning by a large margin. The women’s race had a similar finish with Elizabeth Northern nabbing the win in the final lap. Nice!
Clare Gallagher (Patagonia) en route to her win at Way Too Cool.
ultramarathon costales
Anthony Costales (rabbit) 1/2 mile from his 1st place finish.

Mountain Outhouse News: The 40 on 40 looks horrific. Wardian’s new record, crazy Chinese races and permits, Katylyn Gerbin at Transgrancanaria, and more. Great stuff as always.

Did you catch Ben’s review of the COROS Apex? With a 35 hour battery life, HRM, and a $300 price tag, many people have been looking for an honest and thorough review of this Garmin/Suunto competitor. Check it out here.

Guy gets stuck in snow with his dog and survives on Taco Bell hot sauce. The power of tacos should never be minimized.

Brittany Peterson ultramarathon
Brittany Peterson (Nike) passes mile 11 checkpoint at Way Too Cool near the iconic Foresthill Bridge.

When your first date is pacing at HURT and your second date is at a 200 miler in Australia, there’s bound to be a story in there. Read along with Candice’s love life.

Quite a few surprises in this article:
1. There are professional bridge players.
2. One of them got busted for doping.
3. He got busted for taking testosterone and some female fertility drug. WTH?

Kevin goes on a pretty epic rant about the human race and finishes it up with his distaste for Outside Magazine and a situation that turned sour with the editors.

So this bike race in Belgium had the fellas start ten minutes before the women in order to separate the two races and their support vehicles. Then the lead women caught up to the guys and all hell broke loose.

NA beer hits Australia, but with a native twist.

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