Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, May 13

TWIR: Justin Mock runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this week. What stood out to me:
–The final race of getting on the US 24 Hour Team was intense (and wet!) and we’ve got two very solid teams heading to World Champs in October.
–Addie Bracy is doubling up on 50 milers (Lake Sonoma, then QuadRock) as she trains for Western States.  Smart.
–I’m interested to learn more about the Collegiate Running Assn’s Trail Running Championship that ran concurrently with the Thunderbunny 50k. Sounds like a great way to get collegiate athletes pointed towards the MUT world.

I’ll add Hillary Spires-Cunard’s finish at Sun Mountain 50M to the list…Six months pregnant, toasty temps, stopping to pee all the time, and all on Mother’s Day weekend. Respect! Nice work, Hillary.

I suppose now would be a good time for a quick lesson in how to pee standing up, but I’d guess that most women reading this don’t need any help.

Daily Mail: Some psycho kills one hiker and injures the other in unprovoked machete attack on the AT. He’s been captured, but it’s another reminder to stay safe.  (LINK FIXED)

NYT: Another complicated issue: How should sponsors handle athletes who are pregnant and aren’t racing and what can athletes do to change the policies?

Fast Women: Alison shares the highlights from women’s performances from the past week. Two things that caught me: One, re the NYT article about Nike. Alison makes a great point about how sponsored athletes are about more than just results and how consumers relate to “real life” stories. And two, Mary Cain! I’d wondered what had happened to her. Two and  a half years since her last race, but she’s back!

Different Gutenberg.

Hopefully this post will publish. Still having issues with Gutenberg on WP. Grrr.

Book: This looks like a compelling read not just from an ultramarathon perspective, but also about the societal changes we’ve seen over the past 100 years. Race across America: Eddie Gardner and the Great Bunion Derbies (affiliate link) tells the story of African American runner Eddie Gardner and his impact on the ultramarathon scene and how he boldly and bravely dealt with the inherent racism of the time by racing across the US. Very anxious to read this.

Podcast: I interviewed Zach Ornelas on Friday and will release the episode soon. We talk road records, Two Oceans, trails, steeplechase, coaching HS kids, beer, crushes, and more. Very fun interview I think you’ll like. Stay tuned.

Track: Does track and field have a fan problem or a marketing problem? This writer proposed two main ideas to reinvigorate the sport in our country: Adopt and promote betting on races and create a league that would bring together races and athletes. Both great ideas. One question…the eight cities he proposes for the meets list Sacramento (Mt. Sac.) Is he referring to Sacramento (home of 2000 Oly Trials) or Los Angeles’ Mt San Antonio College (Mt. “Sac”), home of the track invitational? Both would be great choices.

More track:  If you haven’t seen this video, check it out. What’s bugging me is the media giving this guy the “Superman” nickname. His real name is Infinite Tucker…probably the coolest sounding name out there!

RunSpirited: Henry writes about his first 100k this past weekend and how far he’s come in one year since surgery. Great post about the why of this silly sport.

Beer: Zwickelbier is something I do miss. Haven’t found an alcohol-free alternative yet. Do you have a favorite?

RunInfinite: Making the most out of trail ultramarathon aid stations. Great stuff guys!

Lucho: Tim’s hitting the track and speedwork hard right now. 

Ramadan: Some tips on staying fit and healthy while fasting for Ramadan.

Records: Are these Guinness record attempts getting a bit silly? Woman runs marathon wearing 46 shirts, doesn’t finish under cutoffs, and is now pissed off. 

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