Ultramarathon Daily News, Monday May 2

Ultramarathon Daily News, Mon, May 2

Great article from Friday: Is social media screwing over authentic explorers? Are there similarities to trail and ultramarathon running?

Think New York doesn’t have awesome trails? Check out this video from the Breakneck Point Trail Run.

Do you like drawing Game of Thrones characters when you run? There’s an app for that.

It takes getting used to, seeing young women run long distances, gasping and gagging and staggering around and going down on all fours at the finish line, pink foreheads in the mud. But they are young women, all right, make no mistake. The shaved legs, the singlets that actually do a service, all that symmetry, that fragrant hair. You might just as well get used to the sight, because women are getting to like the idea.

Awesome article from 1966 Sports Illustrated about female cross country runners.

I have a little piece of paper taped to the TV that reads: Do your planks.  Here are the best methods for runners.

Lickteig ultramarathon
Kaci LIckteig finishing Lake Sonoma this year.

Justin/IRF’s Weekend in Review.  Not a big weekend, but coming on some monster races.

…like Transvulcania. Here’s the women’s preview, and here are the fellas.

Could a double amputee finish one of the toughest ultramarathons on earth? WaPo is all over the story right here.

This disgraces cyclist is completely open about the doping that took place…and how it all affected his libido.

Have a warm/hot weather race coming up and you aren’t acclimated to the heat? Here’s a good discussion on how you can prepare yourself pretty quickly and not overheat.

Kaci Lickteig wins local marathon, then heads back out to course to cheer on her mom.  She’s a great ambassador for not just ultramarathon, but all of running.

And on the West Coast, Zach Bitter won the SLO Marathon as a tune up for Comrades Ultramarathon in four weeks.

Is there evidence that runners benefit from compression gear? I’d like to see a test looking at the efficacy of compression gear to help with injuries.  I’m confident that a calf sleeve (worn during and after workouts) has helped in my recovery.  Any docs or PTs have data?

Unauthorized helicopters are risking an avalanche on Everest.

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