Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, May 20

IRF/Justin Mock: All the weekend trail and ultramarathon results. Here’s what stood out to me:
-Chikara Omine at Silver State. When Chikara is on, he’s incredible.
-Alyson Kirk at Cruel Jewel. She’s had a pretty crazy few years…wow!
-Bryce 100…Nice to see Jill got a finish. This was a great post about her mindset leading up to the race.

Washington Trail Assn: Seven signs your trail is in trouble and what you can do about it. 

Fast Women: Another excellent edition of Alison Wade’s newsletter. The Nike pregnancy issue is still making waves, and I think that’s good. Good for women’s sports and athletes, but especially good because it’s showing how the free market affects change and moves social policy. No need for government to step in…it took a well made video with a compelling message to get companies to change their policies and it took less than a week.

Hal Koerner ultramarathon
Hal Koerner at Lake Sonoma.

TrailRunner Mag: Read this. Are trail runners pushing the limits too far and risking too much?

Parents: Does anyone have a solution for arm sleeves for a skinny kid? Sunny likes to run with a shirt and sleeves, then roll them down when she gets hot, but we can’t find anything close to her size. Cut-off socks or my saggy sleeves are all she’s got…am I missing something? Thanks.

Dayum: Ever wondered what Kilian might run a 5k in? How about on some mixed surface with some hills? Looks like 15:20 this past weekend. 

Dragon’s Back is going on right now and here’s the live tracking page. Check out all the info!  Media teams, medical, and staff all have GPS indicators and the leaderboard is easy to navigate.

Canadian Runnning Mag: Yes, Mike Wardian is racing a horse.

Wyatt Hornsby: Wyatt and I are in a similar boat. Struggling with getting older and frustrated with how our bodies are performing. Oh, but the 45-50 AG is a breeze, right? Or 50+? Ha!

Nicky Spinks is redefining trail running in the UK.

Outside/Hutchinson: There may be a cure for overtraining, but it’s buried deep in this scientific article about ketones, hormones, and expensive recovery drinks.

When male runners lose to women in ultramarathons.

Beer: Why are NA beers more expensive? Here’s a good explanation from a UK perspective.

Adam Chase: Great recap on Transvulcania and Americans’ performances there.


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