Ultramarathon Daily News, Monday, May 8

Weekend ultramarathon and trail running results from IRF: Skyrun in China, Massanutten, Miwok, Strolling Jim, and more. (And yes, I noticed that they started listing women first this week. My mistake. It looks like it alternates week to week.)

The Nike sub-2 event was a surprise, and I think overall drew more positive attention and interest than eye rolls and cynicism. I was certainly guilty of both. Discussions have popped up online about drag coefficients and the size of the clock, Kipchoge’s fitness, Banksy’s latest art piece, and most interestingly, the mental effect the times will have on future marathon majors.  Here’s a great analysis by Science of Sport.  Question: How soon will the official marathon WR fall?

Read this: Great post by Rachel about rediscovering the confidence to run and race again after a tough few months.  I’ve read this so many times already that the little voice in my head has an English accent.

Getting ready to bonk? Here brah, take a GW1516,

Eighty five year old man dies on Everest.  Better than a nursing home, for sure.

Gotta get your permits in line, folks. Local 50k has “trail access” issues and changes venue (to a bike path) one week before the race. However, they’re offering full refunds to runners, regardless if they run or not. Props to the RDs for handling the situation well.

If this had some sort of waist/rickshaw attachment, the YippieYo Crossbuggy might be a pretty incredible trail running stroller. Maybe connect it to my tire pull harness for a twofer.  (Earth to Eric, your kids aren’t in strollers anymore.)

The Schrader Mile: What a great idea. I wish my city had one of these! Anyone have results?

My favorite marathoner Yuki Kawauchi outruns the pacer, wipes out on the cobblestone, and still runs a 2:10 in Prague. Unreal.

Well there’s one thing I learned this week: Charitable trucker hats are a thing.

The California equivalent to Barkley: The Baldy Marathon race report from Matt.

If there’s one thing that gets ultra moms talking, it’s how soon can they start running after giving birth.  There seem to be as many opinions as people, but here’s one.  Moms, how’d you do it? (I think my wife waited 10 week to jog? Natural birth, no c-section.)

I’m still loving the Headlands Brewing Pt Bonita Pilsner. Nicely balanced, clear, and rich. Good stuff and it comes in a tallboy.

What we can learn from aging runners, using two octogenarians’ training, health, etc as data points.

Question/help: In our talk with Fam last week, we briefly discussed the guy/gal/company in Colorado that re-soles running shoes. Are they still around? Any info? Thanks.

Friends, partners, supporters, etc: I’m a bit backed up on email right now.  In the past few days I’ve had quite a bit of activity in my INBOX and I’m trying my best to get back to everyone.  First, thanks for the emails. Second, my apologies for the late replies.


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