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First, a huge thanks to our Veterans for their service. Trail and ultramarathon running is made up of people from all walks of life, and I’m proud to share the trail with those who’ve worn the uniform. And let’s not forget those who never came home and gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Good on Ellie, Pam, Liza, Joe(s), Meredith, the Grossmans, and the rest of the Band of Runners Trail Camp for supporting the Veteran community.

Likewise, there are thousands of men and women battling fierce fires all over  the state of California. Air quality in Sacramento is the worst I’ve ever seen it and even hardcore, damn-the-torpedoes runners I know are staying indoors. I’ll keep my complaining about life’s mundane problems to a minimum this week. Though it seems insignificant when talking about homes, businesses, schools, and actual life, there are a number of charities collecting running gear for those who’ve lost theirs in the fire. If your life is in shambles (or ash), sometimes a good run is the therapy you need at the time.

But let’s get to the news.

Justin runs down the top trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. What stood out to me:

  • Zach Bitter’s 12:08 at Tunnel Hill. Insanely fast on any terrain. But…if I recall correctly, the MUT community (incl yours truly) questioned the “trail” designation when Camille set a WR there last year, right?  We should do the same this year. Fair complaint? I’m not questioning the time or Zach’s performance or the weird USATF terrain designation, but instead seeking consistency in coverage. Overall, an incredible performance by a dude who knows how to get it done.
  • And is this the first time that North Face and JFK50 have overlapped? With winds on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised if TNFEC is postponed or even cancelled. How great would it be to see some of the trail world’s finest line up for a road 50 miler in DC?

Despite all the devestaion in Northern California (Chico/Paradise is about an hour north of Sacramento), the running and xc community takes care of each other–and their school rivals. h/t Tim T for this positive story.

If your sweat is really bad sometimes it’s better to take a big bad gamble and fart and hope good triumphs over evil.

And other ways of using public transportation when you’re sweaty after a big run.

JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse News.  Cool aspect to the HR lottery…if you get in and DNF, you stay on the never list. Makes sense. Also bummed Sage won’t be at Desert Solstice. 

Sarah (Lavender Smith) opens up about her relationship with running right now. We all go through these ups and downs, right? It’s especially tough though when we’re unable to “step away” completely and recharge. 

One analysis on how the outdoor industry fared in last weeks’ elections.

Functional training: Go rake your leaves.

“Everyone’s not a winner. If you can’t lose, you can’t win,” he said. “A lot of people decry competition as a negative thing. It’s not. You come to love your competitors because you’ve been through this hell together. You don’t want your competitors to quit, but you need them to quit. These things are going on in your head at the same time. That’s a little bit evil. A total mindfu*k, runners say.”

–GaryCantrell/Lazaur Lake

—Yes! What a fantastic quote! Good article about Big’s Backyard Ultra. Kudos to Sarah Barker for writing a Deadspin article that really gets it. Here’s our interview with Courtney, post Big’s, in case you missed it.

Timmy’s report from his win at Frankly Mountain SkyRunning 27k.

So did you check out our latest interview with Keely Henninger? We talk dogs, training, fears, and the strangely similar ID she shares with another West Coast runner. Lots of good stuff in there to think about.


That interview was sponsored by Lake Sonoma 50 miler. Every spring people I know moan that they forgot to enter the lottery and won’t be running. NOW’S YOUR CHANCE. Lottery opens on December 1…set a calendar reminder.

Want a coach but also kinda want to do it yourself? Here’s how to be your own coach.

Yo! I’ll be in Bozeman next week visiting friends and have a bit of time available for a few in-person interviews. If you’ve got ideas, let me know.

ICYMI: College in NJ bans sports bras from track. Seems there’s more to the story than the headline, but one thing’s for sure: The school needs better internal communication and probably a new PR person.

Not ashamed to admit it: These machines confuse and scare the hell out of me. Apparently they give you a pretty incredible workout though. Anyone else–besides Rob Goyen–use one?

Got a sneak preview of a new shoe review from Ben and Sarah. They both agree the shoe is one of the best in class…hold tight for more info soon.

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