Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Nov 19

Excellent reporting on the oldest ultramarathon in the country, JFK50. Men’s race seemed typical–balls out between the top guys—while the women’s race saw a bit more strategy and patience. I’d love to know more about Katie Pallardy and big congrats to Kaci Licketig for her 2nd place. Great races all around!
Since the URP corporate offices will be closed this #ThrowbackThursday, here are some good interviews from years past. Here’s Zach’s first podcast ever (he was still living in a cruise boat and had just crushed Krar at JFK) and here’s Jared’s first podcast ever…he was working at Subway trying to figure out his his next step.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, the fastest and most competitive half marathon was taking place on the streets of Japan. This year saw two new CRs (men and women), a Swedish NR, 4 men under 62 minutes, and 18 under 63 minutes. Kaori Yoshida took the women’s CR in 1:11:54.
For comparison, the USATF Half Marathon Championships was held in Pittsburgh this year…Chris Derrick won the men’s title in 1:02:37 and Aliphine Tuliamuk won the women’s title in 1:10:04.

And on the West Coast, Jonathan Levitt organized a relief run (Camp Fire Fat Ass?) for the victims of the devastating fire 90 minutes north. The North Face kicked in a ton of gear and supplies (not just from the race, but from their warehouse), and tens of thousands of dollars were sent to those who now have nothing. Nice work, everyone.

Jackson Brill

Didya catch our latest interview? I chatted with 20yo CU Boulder phenom Jackson Brill about his stellar 2018 and how he’s planning for longevity in this sport. Kid’s got a good head on his shoulders and quick legs. Keep an eye on him.


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I’m preaching to the choir here, but here’s a nine word manifesto to keep you fit: Move your body often, sometimes hard. Every bit counts.

Imagine a competitor complaining about another runner farting in a race. 

Justin/IRF’s Week in Running trail and ultramarathon results from around the country.

Enjoy your beer, but please watch your intake and health: Alcohol is killing more people–especially women—than ever before.

Went on a hike with the family in Salt Lake City yesterday. I’ve only been here once before (OR a few years ago) and the trail system is incredible. 

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