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If you find yourself sitting at a desk and dreaming about trails and ultramarathon finishes, jump on over to any of these gift guides to help whittle Monday away: URP Gear Editor Ben’s | Sarah Lavender Smith’s | Scott Dunlap’s |Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard

Hmmm. TDS Just got a lot more interesting. The UTMB folks have added 20k and about 2000 feet freaking meters of gain. Though it’s not a hundred, ninety miles in the Alps will be a good test for most people.

Before I forget: Are there any WP gurus who can help us navigate the Gutenberg image upload glitch? We’ve been on the new format since beta, but in the last few weeks it’s been nearly impossible to upload any images. Comment threads are replete with writers/bloggers with the same problem and I’m simply not tech savvy enough to know how to code a workaround. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks!

I really like this essay by pro runner Candace Hill. She writes about struggling with weight and fitness and admits that her “freshman 15” was based on poor decisions and teachable moments. Without those, she wound’t be where she is now…healthy and focusing on 2020.

The rain has liquefied dirt, lubricated rocks and pooled wherever it can. I lose traction on a sloping rock, fall hard on my back and am momentarily winded. I grunt loudly and curse – then laugh out loud as I pick myself up. I am soaked and muddy, battered and bleary, but I’m oddly giddy and feeling genuinely happy. I am still okay. In fact, I’m more than okay – I feel acutely alive and immersed in experience, my sense of time and place subjugated to the simple act of moving.

Here’s more from Kai’s first 100 mile finish.

Soccer/Football Premiere League fan is running to each away game and logging some pretty decent mileage.

The LetsRun crowd chimes in on Jim Walmsley’s goal of an OT qualifier in the half marathon. What do you think?  (I can’t wait to watch.)

I’d asked a few weeks ago for more information on Kate Pallardy, the female champion of JFK50 and poof, just like that, Henry publishes a great interview with her.

Meanwhile, 2017 JFK champ Eric Senseman writes about “how Zach and Jared broke me.”

JamJam’s latest Mountain Outhouse includes all the FKTs from the Grand Canyon last week, TNF, and more. Consistently good stuff from Jamil and crew…check it out.

While accidents like this are tragic, I can’t help to reflect on the way I want to die. Plot warning: It’s not in a hospital, it’s doing what I love.

Eighty five year old marathoner has opinions on diet (none), training (same thing), earbuds (nope, gotta watch yo back) and men her age (they’re too damn old.) Next URP guest? 

Instagram ‘Doctor” gets DQed from DecaMan Ultra Triathlon for course cutting.

I gave the Patreon crowd an early release of this live interview I did in Bozeman last week. While I can usually “keep up” with conversations and have an immense curiosity when it comes to my guests, I realized I was quickly outclassed by this Stanford (ahem, and USC and Harvard and Berkeley) math PhD who’s been doing the same math problem for 4 years. What does that have to do with running? Nothing, it turns out, but it was an interesting conversation with a fast dude who simply loves to race in the mountains. I’ll release it publicly today or tomorrow.

Also…I’ve got an interesting guest idea I’ll post to the Patreon crew later today. Adults only. Stay tuned.

Jonathan Levitt and friends get some well-deserved love for the Camp Fire fundraiser in Tahoe. More here. Nice job everyone!

Speaking of that, what are you supposed to do when your race is cancelled? Coach Ghelfi weighs in.

I’ve tried to figure out and it just doesn’t make sense to me: How is Tussey Mountainback the USATF road racing championship? I know it’s not a traditional single track trail race, but why didn’t the organization choose an actual…traditional…road…for the event? Regardless, great job by Zach and Keeley on their wins.

Spartan creates event for adaptive athletes. Nice move.

Jean reignites the idea of team competition on trail and ultramarathon events. What do you think?

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