Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Nov 6

Justin runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend, with a little NYC Marathon awesomeness thrown in. Highlights for me:

  • Meltzer’s Pinhoti win. Incredible how he keeps cranking them out.
  • Shalane! F*ck yeah! See video below.
  • Schlarb’s win in China. Maybe not a glitzy race stateside, but tough conditions and some stout competition.
  • Lithia Loop. I had a love affair with this event but haven’t  run it in a few years. Fun course with a great vibe. I’ll be there next year.

NSFW language, but worth it:

Pixie Ninja update.

Rest days: Good. Two weeks off: Not so much.

Beer news: I went in with some friends on a bottle of Sam Adams Utopias. Review forthcoming.

Especially with the Listicle, this guy does seem to be pretty pop-sciencey, but many of his recommendations make absolute sense. But namedropping someone who died from cancer while bragging that you treated him is a bit strange, no?  

Nathan Yanko (2) at Rio Del Lago 100 around mile 30. Pic by me.

I’ll take this 87 year old rock climber’s approach: Stay active, engaged, and adventurous.

Ten basic rules for adventure. Don’t get lost. Don’t sleep outside in the cold, etc.

Excellent life advice easily transferable to the endurance game. Forget the 10,000 hour rule and focus on the 10,000 experiment rule. Focusing on figuring out what works and what doesn’t will be a lot more helpful down the trail than doing the same one thing over and over again.

Site news: Recorded one interview yesterday, I’ve got one today, and two tomorrow. Guests include: A married couple who ran every step of a 100 together, a super fast dude who just crushed his first 100, and two “catching up with…” chats with fun and fast guests from the past that you’ve asked to hear from.  Stay tuned!


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