Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 1

JamJam takes on all the ultramarathon news in the latest Mountain Outhouse News: Fast Elvis, Kara Goucher, Jane Benfer unmasked, Russian and domestic cheaters, and more.

Holy cow. Take a few minutes and check out this edition of Free Solo shot with a 360 degree camera.

Holy cow, part two: This past weekend, Annie Weiss set the FKT on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin. The 1200 mile trail took her 21 day, 18 hours and 7 minutes and was documented here by her husband. She beat the men’s/overall FKT by just under 12 hours, and beat the womens FKT by 14 DAYS. Annie’s an Altra athlete and I’m hoping to have her on the show later this week.

While not an ultramarathon finish, here’s an excellent post by Nolene Conrad about the work and effort and commitment it takes to win a marathon.

For more 360 degree fun, explore the world’s largest cave right over here. WOW!

It probably won’t make it into iRunFar’s wrap-up, but Cory Reese completed his 100 mile donut challenge, a run that stopped by 12 donut shops along the way.

Sarah and I are chatting with Sabrina Stanley today. Stay tuned.

I can’t find any follow up on this story I reported on Friday: Two guys locked in a pitch black shipping container with treadmills for 24 hours. How’d they do?

“There’s also nothing green about climbing Everest. Rowing across an ocean – it doesn’t get much greener than that. It’s human powered, there’s no fuel, there’s no impact on the environment, it’s just me and my wee boat and my oars. So few people have crossed an ocean and then so few women have crossed an ocean. And no women of my age and no women from Ireland have done a solo row so I said, that’s the one for me.”

Great story about an ultramarathon RD who’s turning 60 and wants to do something awesome. Important to remember is that she’s not a rower. 

Such a cool story: the 1968 Olympic T&F team’s training track was set on Echo Summit near Lake Tahoe, amidst towering pines and granite slabs. I’m anxious to read the book about the athletes and the history of the place. Does anyone know exactly where the track was located? I can’t find a reference to the plaque on Google Maps.

Camille Herron took a DNS at Overlook on Saturday due to lingering injuries. Or was she at home preparing for this???

Hope you got a chance to listen to this interview with Doug Strachan. Finishing TdG is one thing…training for it by climbing out of a damn coal mine is something else entirely.

ultramarathon overlook
Finisher at Overlook Endurance Run in Auburn, CA. Pic by me.

Bob Shebest and Heidi McKeen won the Overlook 50 miler on Saturday. Great weather, superb race directing, and a strikingly handsome race announcer. Full results right this way.

The first US finisher at Spartathon was 48 year old Kentucky native and running store owner Will Rivera. Here’s a good interview with him. (link fixed.)

TrailRunner Mag follows up on an oversite from last month. Mistakes are made and we move on…

Political chat: Candidate for Ohio House seat runs 142 across the state. Looks like his other finishes include Rocky Raccoon, Mohican, and Burning River in July.

Ah, October. That time of year when people forget that pumpkin actually tastes like a rather bland squash. Here are the best pumpkin cinnamon and clove flavored beers of the season.

Neat article on Jakob Ingebrigsten, the Norwegian wunkerkind who’s already been pro for 8 years–and he’s only 17. And who knew he and his brothers were in a reality show about training and racing.

Shad reminds us of an excellent post by David Goggins about who we choose to hang out with and how that will affect our fitness and lives. Mediocrity is bullsh*t.

Shoe reviews coming in hot from Sarah Bradham. Stay tuned if you’re in the  market for trail shoes this fall!

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