Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 14

IRF/Mock: All the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend:
-Ryan Haebe is a new name to me. He won the men’s race at Canyon de Chelly and is a past NCAA XC champ and steeple champ…two events that have turned out some phenomenal trail runners. I’ll keep an on him.
-Looks like the ladies are battling for first at Moab 240. From what I can tell, Sarah Emoto and Kathy Adams (thanks Hayley) are within minutes of each other with 20ish miles to go.
-Speedgoat Karl’s 18 year streak of winning a hundred lives on. And lest you think that Karl is finding obscure races to win, he ran the second fastest time at Cloudsplitter, only bested by CR holder Avery Collins.

David Goggins took a DNF at Moab after suffering from HAPE. Looks like he’s doing OK, but no altitude for awhile.

Remember this interview with Alaskan suicide-survivor-turned-trail-runner Carol Seppilu? Here’s a longer piece on her life and running adventures. Of nearly 500 interviews, hers stands out as one of my favorites.

Marathon cynosure Eliud Kipchoge busted through the 2 hour mark on Saturday with his 1:59:40 on a closed 26.2 mile course in Austria. I’ve got money down that we see sub 2 in a race format within 12 months. You?

Like Kipchoge, trail, mountain, and ultrarunners are not normal. Almost like breaking two hours in the marathon, trail runners come up with impossible and crazy ideas all the time. In order to see the ideas to fruition, they must believe. A friend texting you to circumnavigate the nearest volcano on foot tomorrow isn’t unheard-of in the trail running community. But in order for the crazy ideas to come to life, we must believe.

What Kipchoge and trail runners have in common.

RunSpirited: Henry chats with Sarah Lavender Smith about her recent Grand to Grand run and what her running life is like right now.

Fast Women has all the results and analysis in women’s running from the previous week. Maybe not from the past seven days, but this fascinating story about a 15yo girl who won Chicago Marathon in 1979 is incredible! Great find!

Ryne Anderson’s race report from Grindstone 100…seventy miles of bliss followed by thirty miles of hell. Report includes a gruesome black toenail/blister combo.

Chit-chat: Spartan Trail Series is talking about a four-race-series , including a 100 miler and three 100ks. The series will apparently have a $500k prize purse.

Brigid Kosgei shattered Radcliffe’s marathon WR by 81 seconds in Chicago yesterday. It must be noted that Kosgei is currently handled by the same manager who has had multiple athletes convicted of doping violations.

The Læsø Ultra in Denmark starts from a ferry boat. Exciting way to start a race!

Speaking of doping…apparently you can cheat by using a fake virtual bike? Wait, what?

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