Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 16

Ultramarathon and Trail Running results from the weekend. Very curious to watch Francois’ progress on the JMT (Leor’s FKT’s don’t go down easily) and not really surprised at Courtney‘s dominance at Moab. And who knew Joe Rogan was an MUT fan?!?

“I’m never running that again!” Sure you aren’t. Stephanie looks into the interesting world of how we remember pain.

More on pain from CTS: Athletes, the quest for pain relief, and the opiod epidemic.

Kawauchi’s little brother aces a 100k in Japan.

Does anyone have experience with this machine? Basically a crowler machine for 12oz cans. Awesome!

I’ve wondered this too, especially in an age when we can’t decide whether ultramarathon is one word or two (damn you, spellcheck!) Hilary is a runner and SEO specialist in the PNW who tried to fugue out which word gets more clicks: Ultrarunning or ultramarathon? What’s your guess?

ultramarathonA “secret” running club on Facebook that helps guys burn off weight and get running. But now it’s in Runner’s World.

How’s that for a double? John Kelly won Barkley and finished top ten in his AG at Ironman Champs in Kona. More on his marathon time here. What’s this dude’s resting heart rate?

Sports dietitians speak: Foods we should–and should not–have in our house.

Do athletes who move to high altitude areas reap the same benefits as lifelong residents? It’s not answered fully–not sure it can be–but an interesting discussion nonetheless.

Is there any scientific evidence that mindfulness works? These scientists can’t find any.

This Texan is going big: 200k lifetime miles.

Recording this week. It’s been a tough few weeks for me as I’m really struggling with my place and identity as a runner right now. I’ve never taken DNFs hard, but a whole string of them is beating me up.  Good news is that I’m pushing hard in training and getting  back to the grind. Stay tuned, and thanks for the support.  –eric

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