Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 19

As of this writing, fourteen runners remain in Big’s Backyard Ultramarathon Championship (three two of them in Tennessee.) I’d love to see Courtney and Karel Sabbe go head to head.

iRunFar: Justin Mock and I chatted last week about distance learning, kids running, URP, and more. Thanks for a fun interview!

Oregon Live: Hayward Field will host the NCAA Track and Field championships from 2024-27. I’ve gotta get up there one year!

Wow! Experienced hiker from CA who went missing in Zion National Park was found after 12 days. Bruised and tired, but she’s alright.

Kilian ran a 10k road race on Saturday. How’d he do?

Beer made with Frank’s Red-hot Sauce. This is a troll, right?

Dangit, Araivapa was all set to host Crown King Scramble this weekend, but a fire in the area is too severe and now it’s cancelled. 2020, you suck.

Today I’m interviewing the youngest guest I’ve ever had on the show. Stoked to chat. Stay tuned.

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