Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday Oct 22

 As of this writing, Guillaume Calmettes, Courtney Dauwalter (interview), Gavin Woody (interview), Johan Steene (interview), and Greg Salvesen are still winning Big’s Backyard Ultra with just over 200 miles each. (Last year’s race ended at ~245 miles.) Big props to Maggie Guterl for hanging on to 183, right beside the legendary Joe Fejes (interview where his picture makes him look just like Michael Avenatti.) Wow! Follow it all live here and pay special attention to the average lap numbers for a peek into their strategy.

Lots of results from the European ultramarathon scene right here on iRunFar. Particular interest in Hillygoat’s 3rd OA at North Face Chile and Rob Krar’s 1st at the 50k. 

…and more detailed results from the New England ultramarathon scene over at massultra.

Beer party pictures

–Just because I stopped drinking doesn’t mean I can’t host beer parties any more! We had our 4th annual beer tasting on Saturday with 24 of our closest friends and the person with the absolute least amount of beer knowledge guessed the most brews accurately (14/24). Kind of a microcosm of the entire beer scene right now, isn’t it? (After a ton of inquiries, I’ll be posting a “how-to” of the game format. Gimme a few days.)

With the lotto ballooning to a bajillion dollars, many of us have toyed with the dream of “what if?” What if you were suddenly wealthy, not forced to work, and could go off on an epic solo adventure around the world.  Here’s an interesting story of a guy who did that (minus the lottery winnings), and how he felt disconnected from himself.

James runs a 100 miler after a three year break from ultramarathons. Here’s his story, complete with gobs of British humor.

Also British: New bar with lazy hipster darts and nachos.

Didya hear our latest episode with Ellie Fox? Ellie grew up watching her dad run Hardrock, and now she’s living in a van while hitting some of the best trails in the country. We talk coaching, choosing races, baby goats, and what she’s hoping to put on her race calendar.

Excellent: A retiring pro reflects on his love/hate relationship with running. Can you relate at all?

I’ve read this article about training data twice now and am still struggling to find the “simple” part. 

Pop science: Acne causes good grades.

Help: Chaz Davis, a world-class Paralympian is running CIM in December and needs a sighted guide for the second half of the race. If you can run a 72 minute half while guiding someone, let me know and I’ll make a connection. Thanks! 

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