Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Oct 29

Ultramarathon and trail running results from this weekend, courtesy of Justin’s great work at IRF. Here’s what stood out to me:
–I hadn’t realized what a standout year Darcy Piceu was having–especially on varied terrain. How many people are capable of winning HURT (technical), AC (hilly), and Javelina (flat and hot)?
–Speaking of banner years, Jeff Browning is going to be at the top of many a list for UROY. Fifth at Western, first at Hardrock, second at RRR100, among other races and distances. Giddy up.

One of those strange headlines that you have to read to understand: Swim portion of Ironman cancelled due to flooding. Wait, what?

Meanwhile, runners at the Venice Marathon (Italy) had to traverse knee deep water en route to the finish. 

Derek follows up on last week’s post about bib swapping. Seems pretty simple: If you don’t like the RD’s policy, don’t enter the race. Also, if you’re considering buying a bib, check the policy first. Got it?

This interview with Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein was one of our first “big” episodes that got a lot of attention. A guy who runs (and wins) ultramarathons surviving on a diet of only fruit? Compelling stuff. We spoke with him again in 2015 after he moved to Hawaii amidst a midlife crisis and, you guessed it, a desire to be closer to fruit. Unfortunately, some bad decisions were made and he’ll be spending the next nine months in federal prison. Hope he comes out of it OK and finds solace on the trails.

ultramarathon posters from semiarid
Click the pic for more.

Bad news: It’s almost the holiday season and you need to start Christmas shopping.
Good news: Semi-rad has some rad “motivational” posters for ultra runners. I’ve got one on my wall. (NFI)

Earlier this year, Sarah and I chatted with Chris Jones about running six hundred milers in one summer, wildfires, military service, and book selling. Chris is currently deployed in Afghanistan and found a litter of puppies on one of his training runs. He’s trying to fix them up and bring them home for adoption, but it’s an expensive process and he’s soliciting donations. 

Patrick Caron dropped down in distance for Ghost Train a few weeks ago because he was “saving his legs for a major west coast ultra.” Anyone know which race Patrick is lining up for? (Here’s our interview from last year.)

Wyoming considers a law requiring permits for trail users. What do you think?

Apparently there’s an article out there (Outside Mag?) about a runner in NYC who runs around collecting credits for returning Citi bikes. Anyone have any info on it?  I went on my adventure yesterday and will post about it soon.

Every morning I sit down at my laptop and start compiling the URP Daily News, just as I have for eight years. I use a few sites and strategies for the stories, one being searching google for “ultramarathon.” This morning the results lit up with dozens of pages of results….all referring to the World Series game on Friday. Must’ve been a good one!

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