Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Sep 16

IRF/Mock: Lots of results ranging from Skyraces to Tahoe 200. Hot takes:
-Meghan Laws for the win at FLUT! The Queen is ageless!
-The pic of Sarah Tunstall winning Drei-Zinnenlauf is almost the most European trail picture ever. Vertical mountains, dirndls, and compression wear. Trifecta! (Salomons would make it perfect.)
-I’d love to learn more about Jean Baptiste Simukeka. Can’t find anything about >26.2 mile races, but seems like someone who might compete in trail ultras?
As always, great reporting and collecting from Justin and crew.

Fast Women: I haven’t had a chance to digest everything from this weekend (family in town), but I did click on Lindsay Flanagan’s training schedule leading up to Chicago Marathon next month.

MileSplit: Musings from a rookie XC dad. Great stuff! I’ll be sending this out to my kids XC/trail team, and though it’s a bit premature (most of them are in 2nd grade), I’m hoping it’ll pique their interest.

Speaking of XC, here’s a “day in the life video” of Foot Locker champ Sydney Masciarelli.

Were you a bit worried for Wookie Kim after you heard him say he’d be running Run Rabbit Run after his incredible brush with death in similar terrain? No worries…he finished in under 30 hours. Nice job!

TrailRunner: Good story about how Scotty Hawker tried to DNF at UTMB with sciatic nerve pain, but rallied back and landed on the podium.

No disrespect, but I didn’t realize that Tim and Gary were still doing their show. (Looks like they just started up again after a three year hiatus.) Tim Long (aka FootFeathers) is always an open and honest guy with a perspective that seems to intentionally challenge the norm. I’ll listen to this latest episode on my run today.

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