Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Sep 17

Justin/IRF cover the weekend ultramarathon and trail results. Lots of European events, plus a few domestic races. What caught my interest:

In case ya missed it, Eliud Kipchoge smashed the marathon world record yesterday in Berlin. His training has been fantastic, his build up predictable,  but I’ve been watching this sport long enough to not look at every new record with a skeptical eye. Hope it’s all clean and legit.

It’s not the sedentary video gaming or the crap you’re feeing your kids…it’s the bleach wipes that are making adolescents fat.

How do you get your miles in? 

I hope you caught our interview with #1 American at UTMB Chris Hammes. We had a free-flowing conversation about his love of vert, how he handles pain and discomfort, and what he wants out of this silly sport of ours. Super nice guy, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him whenever he toes the line at tough races.

“I just kept going longer and at one point I wanted to run across the country,” McCarthy said.

Well, you know, we understand.

I always appreciate it when Sage pops into the LetsRun forums and offers his perspective. His latest post about SkyRunning and multi-surface runners is no exception.

Competitor lists the best road and trail shoes for F’18. While not a traditional Altra fan (they’ve just never felt right for me), I’m loving the Lone Peak 4s. 

An aging midwesterner’s first attempt (and finish!) at a hundred miler.

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