Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Sep 24

Justin/IRF’s rundown of most of the trail and ultramarathon results from this weekend. What stood out to me?

  • Sabrina Stanley’s race in Italy. Sounds like a brutal course and she toughed it out with a smart run. Sabrina is having a hell of a year but still seems overlooked by many. I’m hoping to have her on the show soon to hear more. 
  • I’m not familiar with Joseph DeMoor, but I should probably get to know him. Beating Galen Burrell on a trail half is no easy feat.
  • Table Rock Ultras–what a finish! Top two men and top female all within three minutes at the finish!

Recent URP guest Katie Arnold (rafting accident, Leadville win, “Raising Rippers”) gets a few inches in the NYT in a chat with Jen Miller.

Further analysis of Kipchoge’s running form.

New interview coming this week with a guy who’s got the most bizarre training situation I’ve heard of. With results to boot.

Gun control, Trump, abortion, and whether or not an elite marathoner could dominate the ultramarathon world. Which fits into today’s news? Senseman dives into the fray.

So as I understand it, the RDs from Georgia Jewel asked each runner about their favorite song before the race. Then right at the last big climb, a spotter called out bib numbers and they played the runners’ songs specifically for them. Pretty cool! Here’s the list on Spotify. But Nickelback? Seriously?

Is it possible for a family in Silverton to adopt a 43 year old guy from California? If so, I’d like to apply.

Be sure to read Jay’s report from his Leadville run.

Anyone know of any races in or around Bozeman over Thanksgiving? Can’t find any online. Trail, road, long, short, whatever. Thanks.

I’ll agree with this review. I’ve been wearing Janji’s alpaca for a few weeks and it’s awesome. Wife says she likes it on me too.

Wow, this marathon and ultramarathon in Vietnam looks breathtaking. Anyone run it?

Another one of these cases with no good answer. This double amputee wants to run in the Olympics, but first must prove his blades aren’t an advantage. Now a committee must decide.

Alright, while this guy isn’t technically into ultramarathons, he just ran his 841st marathon and I’d like to induct him into the club.

Don’t let text neck screw up your training.

Personal: Ran on Thursday for a few (short) miles and felt like crap. Ran yesterday for 13 miles and felt pretty damn good. I’d pay $1k to know why.

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