Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Sep 30

Cool new movie with Matt Daniels. What happens when a sub 4 guy takes on trail running and targets the biggest stage in the country?
Here’s our interview with Matt from earlier this year during his build up to Western States.
Matt’s a hell of a nice guy and is easy to root for. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Nice job with the film, Rob!

A trail runner was tragically struck and killed by a lightning strike during Flat Rock 50k in Kansas.

Mountain Outhouse News: Performance Enhancing Socks, downhill marathons, and Spartathlon predictions.

This is Laine. She’s almost 7yo and is on the xc team I coach. Though Laine finished second to DFL on Saturday, her grit, passion, and determination is something I’ll be striving for for the rest of my life.

IRF/TWIR: Justin runs down all the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend: Sarah Lavender Smith wins the women’s race at Grand to Grand (woohoo!), Jeff Browning wins Bear 100, and a new women’s CR is set at Yeti 100.

Treeline Journal: Within the last month, Chase quit drinking, quit his lawyering job, and with his wife, launched a website about life and trail running. The goal: Live his best life. I’ve asked Chase to join me for an episode as it sounds like his story will resonate with many of us.

From reader Peter Andersson: David Nilsson just ran 2:11:50 at the Berlin Marathon. David is the brother of better known ultra runner Ida Nilsson, but Peter himself sat a course record at the Crown Scramble 50K earlier this year, and has the course record for the Ultravasan 45, the shorter distance of Ultravasan 90.
2:11:50 is still quite a respectable time for a European, and (un)fortunately will probably strengthen his resolve to keep aiming for the Tokyo Olympics next year and the following European Championship rather than giving ultras more chances.
But it’s also interesting from a Jim Walmsley perspective as the two have almost identical PBs from back in their track days.
5000: David 13:49, Jim 13:52
10000: David 29:06, Jim 29:08

Tried to watch IAAF champs this weekend, but the majority of the news (much of it gleaned from social media) was about the crowd size and overall bad organization. Got it. It sucked. Hopefully lessons were learned. But can we focus on the athletes and some of the incredible performances now?

Fast Women has some excellent coverage of Champs–albeit of exclusively women’s races–including Sara Hall’s negative split on her marathon and a preview of today’s steeplechase final with Emma Coburn and Courtney Frerichs. Also, interesting post from Marisa Howard about missing out on her alternate opportunity. Wish there was more context and details. Was Quigley late to scratch?

BaldHiker: The San Francisco Bay Area has some truly incredible trails, and Angel Island is right up in the top echelon for me. I have two of my most profound running experiences on the island…First was a real state of flow or extreme runners high or whatever we want to call it. Running down towards the cove through the eucalyptus on the winding, downhill singletrack, I’m pretty sure I was running/floating 3 min/mile pace and not even thinking about it. Maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure felt that way and I go back to those few minutes when I need inspiration.
Next was during a race, coming down the final hill maybe a half mile from the finish…I can still hear it it my head…the sound of my calf rupturing beneath my skin, causing me to limp across the finish and screwing up my schedule for the next 6 months or so. That was over ten years ago and I can still hear it. Oof.

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