Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday Sept 10

Justin breaks down the results from ultramarathon and trail events from this past weekend. (link fixed)

Keen readers will notice URP guest Neal Collick won Superior 100 over the weekend. Nice work!

Here’s your Monday motivation: Go do hard things on purpose. AJW wrote of similar struggles and motivators last week.

I assume that when many of us get bored, we’ll lace up our shoes and head out on a run. For Alex Honnold, he climbs a skyscraper in Jersey.

Sunny and I headed up to Tahoe yesterday to catch the last ten miles of the Tahoe 200. We hiked up 6.5 miles and caught the 25k runners charging up and down the mountain…Christian Schultz, the 20 yo leader/winner of the shorter distance was FLYING. On our way back down, Courtney Dauwalter slapped Sunny’s hand and made her day…which was made even better when we had an unexpected reunion with Anna Frost at the finish line, who was there supporting her new sponsor Merrell and sharing some new exciting personal news. By the way, the race is still going on (most will finish today) and registration is open for Bigfoot 200 next year in case you’re looking to tackle the distance in the PNW..

It’s impolite to discuss, but let’s take a look at the incomes of professional runners. No ultramarathon data included.

Did you catch our latest episode? Sarah and I chatted with Leadville champ and Outside Magazine columnist Katie Arnold about executing her first hundred miler after a traumatic rafting accident and the importance of her “smile and flow” mantra.

Brendan tells you the one thing you need to know about each outdoor sport.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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